Tonight on the Tube: Lost, Glee & Justified

News & Notes

Get Lost Season 5 on DVD via AmazonTonight, The CW has the season finale of Melrose Place and FOX has Glee back with new episodes.

Over on cable, BET has the second season premiere of Tiny & Toya, Bravo has the third season finale of The Millionaire Matchmaker, Discovery Channel has the sixth season premiere of Deadliest Catch and the series premiere of Construction Intervention, and Logo has the third season premiere of The Big Gay Sketch Show.

In late night, Bravo has the series premiere of 9 by Design.

Prime Picks

NCIS (CBS): Repeat. The “Child’s Play” episode from earlier this season replays, where the team is investigating the murder of a Marine on Thanksgiving.

Lost (ABC): New. Hurley is dealing with what the group should do next. A new arrival in fake Locke’s camp has him intrigued. Runs 62 minutes.

Justified (FX): New. Raylan is asked by his aunt to bail his father out of jail, which leads to him trying to figure out what his father is up to. Runs 62 minutes. Plays twice and again later. For those that complain that the episodes are too standalone, not a complaint I necessarily agree with, this episode is for you. We get to meet Raylan’s father and learn more about the past Raylan tried to runaway from, but has now been thrust back into. It’s another great episode and one that I really liked where it leaves things between Raylan and his father. Are you one that wishes the show was more serialized?

Solid Selections

90210 (The CW): New. Naomi has to testify in front of the school board. Annie is overwhelmed by guilt once again. Ivy and Dixon do something surprising. Liam’s father, played by Scott Patterson (Gilmore Girls), comes to visit.

Survivors (BBC America): New. Tom and Greg become slaves in a coalmine of Mr. Smithson’s with Kevin and many others. Plays again later.

Parenthood (NBC): New. Adam wants to spend more time with his family, but is finding it tough to do. Sarah begins seeing Amber’s teacher and things seem better than she expected. Kristina and Julia begin to rethink their career choices after Haddie goes to the law office for career day. This is a great episode, even if it is a little too much on the dramatic side of things than I would normally like for this show. There are some outstanding moments for Peter Krause, Monica Potter, Lauren Graham, and Mae Whitman. The acting is just superb.

Other Options

  • Chopped (Food Network): New. Dishes are made with frog legs, clementines, and scotch. Plays again later.
  • Glee (FOX): New. Rachel and Finn’s romance hits some bumps when she gets involved with a competitor. Idina Menzel guest-stars as the coach of the competitors. Starts after an 88 minute American Idol and runs 62 minutes. I really hate this weird start and end time. Starting an hour long show on the half hour is just wrong.
  • Law & Order: Criminal Intent (USA): New. A detective is found murdered in a small community run by an Irish mob boss. Det. Nichols and Det. Stevens are on the case, even though the detectives in the dead cops precinct want to handle things themselves. Plays again later. This is a good episode. I really like how it shows Nichols and Stevens continuing to get to know each other and how the other one works. I also really like the Stevens character. They have given her quite the background from which to draw on as a detective. This episode also introduces Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio as the new Captain of Major Case. I think she will be good, but I would have preferred a better introduction for her character. Overall, even with a completely new cast, well Goldblum was on it part-time in the previous season, this remains my favorite of the three Law & Order shows.
  • V (ABC): New. Erica, Jack and Ryan are looking for John May in hopes that he can help rescue Georgie. Chad gets another invite to the ship. Tyler gets confrontational with his mother. Starts two minutes after the hour and runs 58 minutes.

Sports Note

  • TNT has doubleheader NBA action with the Boston Celtics at the Chicago Bulls followed by the Denver Nuggets at the Phoenix Suns.

Late Night

  • Damages (FX): Repeat. Last night’s episode, “You Were His Little Monkey” replays.

TV Marathons

Bravo has ten episodes of The Millionaire Matchmaker.
Discovery Channel has 13 episodes of Deadliest Catch.
History has 10 episodes of Pawn Stars tonight.
Oxygen has six episodes of The Bad Girls Club followed by five episodes of Love Games: Bad Girls Need Love Too.
USA has 16 episodes of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.
WE has five episodes of Women Behind Bars early.

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