Tonight on the Tube: Unnatural History, Leverage & The Glades Series Premiere

News & Notes

Download Leverage Season 3 Episodes via Amazon Video On DemandOn cable tonight, A&E has the series premiere of The Glades, Cartoon Network has the series premiere of Children’s Hospital, Comedy Central has a Kevin Hart: Seriously Funny comedy special, Food Network has the series premiere of Kid in a Candy Store, Syfy has a Inside Secret Government Warehouses: Shocking Revelations special, TLC has a couple Kate Plus 8 specials and a The Bakery Bunch special, truTV has the second season premiere of Las Vegas Jailhouse, and VH1 has the series premiere of Ocho Cinco and the second season premiere of The To Show.

In late night, Comedy Central has the series premiere of Russell Simmons Presents: Stand-Up at the El Rey.

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Prime Picks

Unnatural History (Cartoon Network): New. A stolen ruby that is said to be cursed has Henry and the gang searching for it. Plays twice. The first three episodes of the series replay leading up to this episode, so you can catch-up, if you so desire.

Leverage (TNT): New. The team is out to stop a dirty CEO from releasing a drug to the public that will end up killing more than it helps. Plays again later.

The Glades (A&E): Series Premiere. A former Chicago police detective that was forced out now works as a cop down in Florida, where he is investigating the murder of a decapitated woman found in a creek. Plays twice and again later twice. Review: I quite enjoyed the “Pilot” episode. It’s not perfect, but this is my kind of show. Given all that I had read and seen about the show going in, I thought that where it starts was much further into the story than it should have. Australian actor Matt Passmore (McCloud’s Daughters), sans accent, plays Det. Jim Longworth. He is my favorite type of character, one that pokes and prods until he finds out what he pretty much new all along. He’s kind of like a younger, more charming (at least he thinks so), Columbo. You know, one of those characters that are always a step ahead, but most people just find them to be a pain in the ass. He really reminded me of Jeff Fahey’s character in the short-lived, but very good, The Marshal, but with more humor. Or, more recently, like Timothy Olyphant’s Deputy Marshal Givens in Justified, but with less anger issues. We learn a little bit about why he was forced out in Chicago, but not really why he ended up down in Florida where he is, other than they have a lot of great golf courses, which as a golfer, I can also get behind that part of the storyline. Hopefully, we will learn more about that in future episodes. He has been down in Florida long enough to annoy his new boss and make friends with the medical examiner. But, while I think the case works well to present his character, the story’s result would’ve had a bigger impact had it taken place a handful of episodes in. Yes, the show is a cop/detective procedural, but with a strong lead, an interesting setting, and a sense of humor that meshes quite well with mine. Plus, Kiele Sanchez (Lost, Related) plays a local nurse that Longworth finds intriguing, cause she doesn’t put up with his shtick and gives it back to him a little bit, which provides some of the fun of the episode. Overall, given that it’s only one episode in, it’s one of my favorite new shows of the summer. I’m already looking forward to next week.

Other Options

  • Army Wives (Lifetime): New. Emmalin gets some bad news about her knee. Everyone is affected by new orders from the Pentagon. Plays again later.
  • Challenge (Food Network): New. Four cake designers compete in a contest to make cakes to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Plays again later.
  • Drop Dead Diva (Lifetime): New. Jane’s mother is also her client in this episode. Parker and Kim get closer. Teri attempts to help Fred. Plays again later two times.
  • Entourage (HBO): New. Ari is dealing with a potential public relations nightmare going into a meeting with some NFL executives. E is helping Drama find the perfect script for him to take on. Runs 30 minutes and follows the Hung season premiere replay. Plays again later.
  • The Gates (ABC): New. Some mysterious robberies are taking place. Leigh loses a package of importance. Brett tries to fix things with Andie.
  • Kid in a Candy Store (Food Network): Series Premiere. Former runner-up on The Next Food Network Star Adam Gertler visits places serving up tasty sweets and treats. Runs 30 minutes. Plays again later.
  • The Next Food Network Star (Food Network): New. Paula Deen has the contestants competing in running the best lunch truck. Runs 90 minutes. Plays again later.
  • True Blood (HBO): New. Sookie goes to an engagement party with Alcide. Eric finding Bill has been given a deadline. Andy gets promoted. Plays again later.

Sports Notes

  • ABC has 2010 FIFA World Cup Final between Netherlands and Spain.
  • ESPN has Sunday Night Baseball MLB action with the Chicago Cubs at the Los Angeles Dodgers.
  • NBC has coverage of the Women’s U.S. Open golf tournament.
  • TBS has MLB action with the Atlanta Braves at the New York Mets.
  • Versus has coverage of the Tour de France: Stage 8. Replays multiple times.

Late Night

  • Eureka (Syfy): Repeat. Last Friday’s fourth season premiere episode, “Founder’s Day,” replays.
  • Haven (Syfy): Repeat. Last Friday’s series premiere episode, “Welcome to Haven,” replays.
  • Hot in Cleveland (TV Land): Repeat. Last Wednesday’s episode, “The Sex That Got Away,” replays.
  • Louie (FX): Repeat. Last Tuesday’s episode, “Dr. Ben/Nick,” replays.
  • Rescue Me (FX): Repeat. Last Tuesday’s episode, “Change,” replays.
  • Warehouse 13 (Syfy): Repeat. Last Tuesday’s second season premiere episode, “Time Will Tell,” replays.

TV Marathons

A&E has 10 episodes of Criminal Minds.
ABC Family is playing Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, and Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix today.
Discovery Channel has 12 episodes of MythBusters.
Oxygen has seven episodes of America’s Got Talent.
Spike TV has six episodes of The Deadliest Warrior.
Travel Channel has eight episodes of Ghost Adventures.
USA has eight episodes of NCIS.
WE has six episodes of Bridezillas.

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  • Kaliel2000 Jul 11, 2010, 3:49 pm

    Yeah, I remember you saying you liked The Glades. I think that will be my pick of the night, as far as The Gates, i’ve seen the pilot and thats it so far.

  • Jason the TVaholic Jul 11, 2010, 9:03 pm

    Kaliel2000, Let me know what you think of The Glades. I’m hoping that it isn’t one of those that I really liked, but nobody else does.

  • Kaliel2000 Jul 11, 2010, 9:47 pm

    Just saw the pilot and I liked it. I liked it enough to keep watching to see how things develop anyway. I forgot its on the same night as Leverage, that may be problematic. I have to check each show’s time.

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