Tonight on the Tube: Lie to Me, The Closer and Rizzoli & Isles

News & Notes

Get The Closer Season 5 on DVD at AmazonTonight, ABC has the second season finale of True Beauty.

Over on cable, HBO has a Lucky special, ID has the second season finale of Extreme Forensics, Lifetime has TV movie premiere of The Client List, Logo has the series premiere of RuPaul’s Drag U, TLC has the series premiere of Fabulous Cakes, and VH1 has the second season finale of Behind the Music and The 2010 VH1 Do Something Awards special.

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Prime Picks

Lie to Me (FOX): New. Torres’ half-sister gets put in juvy, which causes her to have to revisit her troubled past.

The Closer (TNT): New. Capt. Raydor is accompanying Deputy Chief Johnson during an investigation into the disappearance of nanny who worked for some close friends of the mayor. Plays again later. Last week’s sixth season premiere episode, “The Big Bang,” replays right before. This is another great episode, as Brenda and her team have Capt. Raydor from Internal Affairs, guest star Mary McDonnell (Battlestar Galactica, following them around as they work a case. This always adds a little something extra to an episode, as she really gets under Brenda’s skin. Watching these two on screen together is always something to watch. Plus, Titus Welliver (Lost, The Good Wife) also guest stars. The episode features Raymond Cruz’s Det. Sanchez. There are two endings to this episode. One is to the case being worked, which is very intense. The second is to the episode itself, which promises to be a shock or a twist of some sort regarding something else that has been going on in the episode. I couldn’t tell you what it is, even if I wanted to, as the screener didn’t include the final scene. I can’t wait to find out what it is.

Rizzoli & Isles (TNT): New. The team is looking into a possible Boston Strangler copycat. Jane isn’t getting along with her new boss. Plays again later. I really enjoyed the first episode, minus one problem. That problem still exists in episode two. At one point the two leads talk to each other like they have known each other forever and at another point, they seem to be just getting to know each other. It is very strange. I will give them props for a great guest cast though, with Donnie Wahlberg (Boomtown, the upcoming Blue Bloods) and Brian Dennehy (The Fighting Fitzgeralds, movies like First Blood), even if they are both used in overused storylines. Which brings up what I said about the first episode, this show is nothing new, it just does the old pretty well with two likable female leads. I am very interested to see how well the spectacular ratings of the premiere hold up for episode two.

Other Options

  • Big Break Sandals Resorts (Golf Channel): New. Tensions come to the surface in this episode that results in a shocking elimination. Replays multiple times throughout the week.
  • Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives (Food Network): New. Guy is checking out places that serve “Burgers ‘n More.” A repeat episode follows. Both play again later.
  • The Good Guys (FOX): New. Dan and Jack are questioning the rumor of a big bank heist that has the department on high alert.
  • Kid in a Candy Store (Food Network): New. Adam Gertler gets “Brain Freeze” in the first new episode of the night and then checks out some treats with a “Classic Twist” in the second one. Both play again later.
  • Warehouse 13 (Syfy): Repeat. Last Tuesday’s episode, “Mild Mannered,” replays. Plays again later and also replays earlier in the day.

Sports Notes

  • ESPN has Monday Night Baseball MLB action with the Philadelphia Phillies at the St. Louis Cardinals.
  • Versus has coverage of the Tour de France: Stage 15. Replays again.

Late Night

  • Covert Affairs (USA): Repeat. Last Tuesday night’s series premiere episode, “Pilot,” replays. Runs 90 minutes.
  • Drop Dead Diva (Lifetime): Repeat. Last night’s episode, “Begin Again,” replays.
  • Psych (USA): Repeat. Last Wednesday night’s fifth season premiere episode, “Romeo and Juliet and Juliet,” replays.
  • White Collar (USA): Repeat. Last Tuesday’s second season premiere episode, “Withdrawal,” replays.

TV Marathons

AMC has five episodes of Mad Men tonight that play twice.
Bravo has 10 episodes of The Real Housewives of New Jersey.
History has six episodes of MonsterQuest that play twice.
Nickelodeon has 14 episodes of The Nanny in late night.
Oxygen has 16 episodes of Roseanne.
Spike TV has five episodes of CSI: Crime Scene Unit.
Syfy has six episodes of Ghost Whisperer.
USA has 12 episodes of Law & Order: Criminal Intent.
WE has seven episodes of My Fair Wedding With David Tutera early and later 10 episodes of The Golden Girls.

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