Fall TV 2010: Monday – What Will You Be Watching?

While there are a couple new shows starting tonight and a handful of them started last week, the Fall 2010 TV season doesn’t get fully underway until next week starting on Monday, Sept. 20th. So, it is once again time to take a night-by-night look at Fall TV 2010 with what I’ll be watching. We’ll kick things off with Mondays.

What I’ll Be Watching on Mondays – Fall 2010

Network First Hour Second Hour Third Hour
ABC Dancing With the Stars (9.20) Castle (9.20)
CBS How I Met Your Mother (9.20) Rules of Engagement (9.20) Two and a Half Men (9.20) Mike & Molly (9.20) Hawaii Five-0 (9.20)
The CW 90210 (9.13) Gossip Girl (9.13)  
FOX House (9.20) Lone Star (9.20)  
NBC Chuck (9.20) The Event (9.20) Chase (9.20)
Cable First Hour Second Hour Third Hour
HBO   In Treatment (10.25)  
Showtime     Weeds (8.16) The Big C (8.16)
 Key: Watch Live DVR DVR2 On Demand DVR Replay TBD

I’m looking at 11.5 hours of TV on Mondays, but since most of it gets watched via DVR or On Demand, it’s actually closer to eight hours. Things get viewed based on how they are available to me. Since most CBS, NBC and cable shows are available On Demand via my cable carrier that can affect when they get watched as opposed to other shows that aren’t.

Check out the Fall TV Show Premiere Dates From A to Z to find when your favorite show will return this fall or find out more about downloading the Printable Fall TV Schedules.

What shows will you be watching on Mondays for Fall 2010?

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  • Kyle Sep 13, 2010, 8:39 am

    I keep saying I don’t know anyone who watches 2.5 Men–I was wrong–you;re the one guy! :)

    My lineup is almost the same as your except without Rules of Engagement and Two and a Half Men (wish CBS would go back to consolidating that 8-9 hour with the good stuff and make it easier on my DVR). Also not watching the CW lineup–quit those early last year as I had just too much stuff. But I am watching Weeds–loving this fun new season.

    I don’t get On-Demand, so everything will be DVR’d somewhere. Will probably watch HIMYM live, which gives enough delay to watch Chuck and The Event without commercials.

  • Kaliel2000 Sep 13, 2010, 9:19 am

    This week it will be 90210 and Gossip Girl. I forgot Chuck and Castle were on the same night. Next week and from then on it will probably be Chuck, Gossip Girl and then Castle. Looks like i’ll have to find a way every week to catch 90210 at a later date.

  • Kyle Sep 13, 2010, 9:57 am

    Jason, just noticed you didn’t include TNT here (returning in Nov)–are you planning on watching the second season of Men of a Certain Age, or did that get dropped off your list?

  • Jason the TVaholic Sep 13, 2010, 2:50 pm

    Kaliel2000, The CW has most of their shows available online at their website at some point after they air, so that could be a way to catch 90210 at a later date.

    Kyle, I decided for purposes of these posts that I was pretty much going to stick with stuff premiering in Sept. and Oct. and Aug. for The Big C. So yeah, I’ll be watching Men of a Certain Age along with The Closer at the end of Nov. That is also the reason that Burn Notice and Psych won’t appear on the Wed. and Thurs. posts to come.

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