Fall TV 2010: Tuesday – What Will You Be Watching?

We’ve covered Mondays, so now on to Tuesdays in this night-by-night look at the Fall 2010 TV season and what I’ll be watching.
We’ve covered Mondays, so now on to Tuesdays in this night-by-night look at the Fall 2010 TV season and what I’ll be watching.

There is a lot of really good TV on Tuesdays and I’m looking at 10.5 hours of TV on the night, maybe 11.5, but since most of it gets watched via DVR or On Demand, we’re once again talking about eight hours in actuality.

On the new TV front, I very much enjoyed the “Pilot” of ABC’s No Ordinary Family, but have reserved final judgment on Detroit 187. They’ve made some changes to the latter, like dropping the faux documentary way the story was being told, so will need to see if that changes my opinion of the show. FOX has a couple of new comedies. Raising Hope, which is severely twisted, but the only new comedy for fall that I’ve actually really liked and Running Wilde, which is completely bizarre, but so far neither version of it I’ve seen has been funny.

What I’ll Be Watching on Tuesdays – Fall 2010

Network First Hour Second Hour Third Hour
ABC No Ordinary Family (9.28) Dancing With the Stars: Results (9.21) Detroit 187 (9.21)
CBS NCIS (9.21) NCIS: Los Angeles (9.21) The Good Wife (9.28)
The CW One Tree Hill Life Unexpected  
FOX Glee (9.21) Raising Hope (9.21) Running Wilde (9.21)  
NBC The Biggest Loser Parenthood (9.14)
Cable First Hour Second Hour Third Hour
FX     Sons of Anarchy (9.07)
HBO   In Treatment (10.26)  
Syfy   Stargate Universe (9.28) Caprica (10.05)
Key: Watch Live DVR DVR2 On Demand DVR Replay TBD

Key Explanation: The grid above is marked for shows I will watch live (Watch Live), record on my dual-tuner DVR (DVR), record on my computer with my dual-tuner Beyond TV setup (DVR2), watch via cable on demand (On Demand), record a replay on my DVR, (DVR Replay), and shows that I don’t know enough about and are yet to be determined whether I will want to watch them (TBD). Things get viewed based on how they are available to me. Since most CBS, NBC and cable shows are available On Demand the following day via my cable carrier that can affect when they get watched as opposed to other shows that aren’t.

Check out the Fall TV Show Premiere Dates From A to Z to find when your favorite show will return this fall or find out more about downloading the Printable Fall TV Schedules.

What shows will you be watching on Tuesdays for Fall 2010?

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  • Kyle Sep 14, 2010, 7:16 am

    Wow, I thought I watch a lot of TV, but even you trumped me here. No NCIS‘s for me (plan to try to watch at some point when the eventual Complete Series hits DVD) and no One Tree Hill (stopped after the 2nd season as I only had one DVR at the time), but I will be giving Running Wilde at least a pilot watch. I’m also planning on trying to catch Dirty Jobs and the rest of season 2 of The Colony on Discovery.
    (Decided to follow suit with you and Amrie and post my daily fall grids as well.)

  • Leah Sep 14, 2010, 8:07 am

    Is there someplace I can go to see which shows will be on demand and which won’t? I have cox digital cable.

  • Jason the TVaholic Sep 14, 2010, 3:20 pm

    Kyle, You’re just watching a couple of different shows in place of the NCISs, but with Running Wilde you actually trump me by a half-hour on the night.

    Leah, Well, I didn’t know of a listing of On Demand shows for cable providers, but I did some searching. I’ve just been going on what has been available in the past. But, I found that Time Warner has a site dedicated to it (http://www.twondemand.com/) and Comcast has a section of Fancast dedicated to it (http://www.fancast.com/ondemand). I wasn’t able to find such a site for Cox, but there may be one. The only thing is, they just tell you what is available right now, not what will be available.

  • Kyle Sep 14, 2010, 3:26 pm

    Yeah–I typed the “trump” before I realized I had my two Discovery shows. However, if you do watch Detroit 187 you still got me by 30 min. Either way, we both watch a heck of a lot of TV! :)

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