Tonight on the Tube: No Ordinary Family Series Premiere, Stargate Universe S.2 Premiere & Sons of Anarchy

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Get Sons of Anarchy S.2 on DVD via AmazonTonight, ABC has the series premiere of No Ordinary Family and CBS has the second season premiere of The Good Wife.

Over on cable, A&E has the third season premiere of Billy the Exterminator, Animal Planet has the third season premieres of Weird, True & Freaky and Lost Tapes, Discovery Channel has the second season finale of The Colony, and Syfy has the second season premiere of Stargate Universe and the series finale of WWE NXT.

Premiering next Tuesday, Oct. 5th is Caprica on Syfy.

Prime Picks

No Ordinary Family (ABC): Series Premiere. Four members of a family begin to develop superpowers after their plane crashes in the jungle while on vacation. Review: I very much enjoyed this show and think there is plenty of potential for fun to be had going forward. The cast is great. Michael Chiklis is playing somewhere between The Commish and The Shield, as his character wishes he could do more than be a sketch artist for the police department. His wife, played by Julie Benz (Dexter), is a too busy scientist. The kids are average teens. This first episode shows you what their life is like and the origin of their abilities and how they begin to find out about them. It mostly focuses on Benz and Chiklis in that respect. Of all the new fall shows, there were about six shows that I considered to be a cut above the rest and this is one of them. If you’ve ever wondered what a live action The Incredibles might be like, this has that feel to me. I can’t wait to see next week’s episode, as I really want to see how the family begins to deal with their new abilities and what affect it has on the family. Actually, it’s been awhile since I watched this, I’m actually looking forward to watching it again.

Stargate Universe (Syfy): Season Premiere. Thing pick up right where season one left off. Plays again later. Most of the cliffhangers are resolved quickly, but who is going to get control of the ship plays out over the whole episode and into the next. There being no jump in time from where things left off and the story playing out slowly is one of the things that I quite enjoyed about the beginning of the second season. If you liked the first season, then I think you’re going to like tonight’s episode and next week’s too. The last 12 episodes of season one replay leading up to tonight’s second season premiere.

Sons of Anarchy (FX): New. Sam Crow is heading north to help Happy. Gemma is attempting to put old family matters behind her. Plays again twice later.

Solid Selections

Glee (FOX): New. The club is attempting to get Mr. Schuester to let them do a Britney Spears number. John Stamos (Full House) guest-stars as Emma’s new beau.

Life Unexpected (The CW): New. Lux is thinking about buying the answers to her next test. Cate accidentally eats some special banana bread.

The Good Wife (CBS): Season Premiere. Alicia has to choose between staying with Peter or maybe pursuing something with Will, as the season apparently picks up right where season one left off.

Other Options

  • Detroit 187 (ABC): New. The murder of a local football star is investigated. A groom has gone missing. Looking forward to seeing what an episode that wasn’t re-cut to make it no longer appear as a faux-documentary feels like.
  • Melissa & Joey (ABC Family): New. Mel agrees to dance with a Dancing With the Stars dancer for charity. Runs 30 minutes. The previous two episodes replay earlier in the day and right before tonight’s new episode. The previous episode follows.
  • NCIS (CBS): New. A kidnapped girls’ grandfather complicates things for the team and their investigation.
  • NCIS: Los Angeles (CBS): New. Kensi and Deeks are looking into the disappearance for three Marines. Nate is back from his secret assignment.
  • One Tree Hill (The CW): New. Nathan has a big decision regarding his career to make. Julian and Brooke are watching Jamie. Millicent and Victoria try to come up with a plan to fix things.
  • Parenthood (NBC): New. Someone from work helps Sarah impress Amber. Julia wants another baby. Adam is having trouble with his relationship with Max.
  • Raising Hope (FOX): New. Jimmy needs to find a baby sitter so he can go back to work. Burt is trying to get Virginia to stop smoking.

Late Night

  • Terriers (FX): Repeat. Last Wednesday’s episode, “Change Partners,” replays.

TV Marathons

History has six episodes of MosterQuest that play twice.
Oxygen has 27 episodes of The Bad Girls Club.
Syfy has 13 episodes of Stargate Universe.
USA has 20 episodes of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.

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