Tonight on the Tube: Smallville, Law & Order: UK, Sanctuary S.3 Premiere & Blue Bloods

News & Notes

Get Smallville Season 9 on DVD at AmazonTonight, The CW has the 200th episode of Smallville and NBC has the series premiere of School Pride.

Over on cable, CMT has the fifth season premiere of Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team and the second season premiere of World’s Strictest Parents, Syfy has the third season premiere of Sanctuary, and TLC has the second season premiere of Conspiracy Theory With Jesse Ventura.

Prime Picks

Smallville (The CW): New. Lois gets Clark to go to his five-year high school reunion. Braniac 5.0 takes Clark to the past and future with the use of a Legion ring. This is the 200th episode of the series.

CSI: NY (CBS): New. The CSIs investigate the murder of a gang leader and try to do it before a full out gang war. Edward James Olmos (Battlestar Galactica) guest-stars as the founder of one of the gangs that Mac had previously put in jail.

Blue Bloods (CBS): New. An off duty officer gets killed during a diamond heist, which has the whole department searching for the perp.

Solid Selections

Medium (CBS): New. Allison and Scanlon aren’t getting along. Ariel is heading off to college and is dealing with what her siblings think about that.

The Good Guys (FOX): New. Dan gets framed and goes to his old partner, played by guest star Gary Cole (Wanted), for help. Jack tries to prove that it wasn’t Dan.

Sanctuary (Syfy): Season Premiere. An unconscious will is taken tot he Mumbai Sanctuary. Kate is trying to get the coast evacuated, as a tsunami is headed their way. Magnus deals with Wexford who has caused all the trouble in his pursuit of Big Bertha. Plays again later. The episode does a good job of cleaning up the events from the end of last season and with next week’s episode sets the show on its new path for the new season, which will run 20 episodes instead of 13 like the first two seasons. The special effects are great as always. If you are a fan of the show, you won’t be disappointed by what takes place to kickoff season three over the next two weeks.

Other Options

  • Law & Order: UK (BBC America): New. The beating death of a former officer is investigated. Last week’s episode, “Unloved,” replays following. Both play again later.
  • Meat & Potatoes (Food Network): New. “Supersized Meats.” Plays again later.
  • Supernatural (The CW): New. A secret about Crowley is revealed. Bobby wants Sam and Dean’s help in getting his soul back from Crowley.

Sports Notes

  • ESPN has college football action with Cincinnati at Louisville.
  • TBS has MLB Playoffs action with the New York Yankees at the Texas Rangers.

Late Night

  • The Event (Syfy): Repeats. The first four episodes of the NBC series replay. They also replay on Oxygen early today.
  • Sons of Anarchy (FX): Repeat. This past Tuesday’s episode, “The Push,” replays.

TV Marathons

History has 13 hours of Modern Marvels episodes.
Spike TV has 11 episodes of Entourage.
USA has 15 episodes of House.

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