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Get Human Target on DVD/Blu-ray at AmazonShow: Human Target (FOX)
Episode: “Ilsa Pucci” – Season Premiere (Season 2)
Premiere Date: Wednesday, November 17th, 2010

Quick Synopsis: Guys, I know more than kung fu, sometimes.

Review: Human Target had a first season that started out a bit rough in places but built nicely and finished very solidly. I was very glad when it got a second season.

The way the first season ended, with the abduction of Winston and the events surrounding it, you were left wanting more. You wanted to know more about Chance and who he is and was. So, when that storyline is cleaned up in the first few minutes and Chance quits, it is a bit of a let down. Yet, I enjoyed the episode as a whole and the new direction the events of the episode bring about.

The main criticism I saw leveled against Human Target in the first season was that it lacked any substantial female characters. This lead to the show feeling sometimes like Chance and the gang were saving the woman of the week that needed help. So, it seems that the people behind the show took that criticism to heart and have added two female cast members.

The first is Indira Varma (Luther, Rome), who plays Ilsa Pucci, a woman of great means that needs Chance’s help in the season premiere. The second is Janet Montgomery (Entourage), who plays Ames, a chameleon like thief that gets herself mixed up in things as the team tries to help Ilsa. They both make for great additions to the team and show. Varma’s Ilsa Pucci is introduced in this episode and Montgomery’s Ames gets a fuller introduction in Ep.3.

While it is basically the same action adventure show as last season, it has kind of taken a new direction with the new characters, which left me a bit unsure of things at the end of this episode. I hoped that they would not abandon some of the story arcs they started in the first season regarding Chance’s background mostly, but after watching the first three episodes of season two, I am no longer worried about that prospect. Also, it looks like Ilsa is going to be a potential love interest for Chance as the series progresses, which could add an interesting angle to the series.

Overall, I’m completely on board and ready for more. It’s far better than anything else playing at the same time on the night. For all of you that have been wanting a fun action adventure show, but Undercovers just isn’t cutting it, well now there is something for you to watch. Check out some photos from the season two premiere episode of Human Target below.

Did you watch the first season? Will you be watching the second? Let me know in the comments.

Human Target S.2 Ep.1 Photos

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  • Nash_McCabe Nov 18, 2010, 11:24 am

    Yeah, but where did the awesome music go? Firing Bear McCreary was a FAIL for the new suits that run Human Target.

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