Twitterings for the Week Ending 2010-12-18

by Jason the TVaholic on December 18, 2010

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  • Totally! RT @jopinionated: Anna Torv is having one hell of a season. An Emmy nod should be in her near future. #Fringe #
  • @drwinn RT @neilgrayston: Can you get just one heebie-jeeby? #
  • Literally laughed out loud & am now wondering myself. RT @neilgrayston: Can you get just one heebie-jeeby? #
  • @ShowPatrol I had much the same thoughts on #MarryMe as you. Speech he gives when they meet is what kept me watching, but shouldn’t have. #
  • @anthonyocasio I am. #Nikita is pretty darn good. #
  • @ShowPatrol Yes, that and a couple of other moments, but they were too few and far between in the 3hr mini sans commercials. #
  • @ShowPatrol The first 20 minutes of #MarryMe is mind-numbingly bad, but then you get that speech and it tricks you into keeping watching. #
  • @kyool I think #Nikita is worth catching-up with. #
  • Time to take a look into the future. Starting off with the Jan. 3rd return of ABC Family's #PrettyLittleLiars S.1 & premiere of #Greek S.4. #
  • @ShowPatrol Actually didn't mind the adoption storyline, it just should've been part of its own Lifetime movie, instead of part of #MarryMe #
  • [email protected]ABCFamily's #PrettyLittleLiars picks up right where things left off when S.1 resumes on Jan. 3rd and continues its eerily creepy goodness. #
  • @Kaliel2000 That can happen with Entourage, especially in the beginning. #
  • Now, checking out the Jan. 3rd @ABCFgreek S.4 premiere episode, "Defending Your Honor." #
  • [email protected]ABCFamily's #Greek S.4 premieres Jan. 3rd with a great episode that sets things up nicely for what looks to be a fun final season. #
  • Up next, watching the Jan. 4th S.2 premiere of #ABC‘s #Vseries "Red Rain." #
  • @Bilal_Mian Yes, Greek S.4 will consist of 10 eps, the last of which will be the series finale. I just glad we actually got a fourth season. #
  • @InsideBlip Well, she is appears in the first episode of S.2, but not enough to know really who or what she is. #
  • #Vseries does beginnings & endings really well & the Jan. 4th S.2 premiere is no exception. Hope we get more good eps b4 the season finale. #
  • Abot to go #OfftheMap with #ABC‘s new medical drama from @shondarhimes. It premieres Jan. 12th. #
  • @Kaliel2000 I liked the premiere ep of #BodyofProof but it doesn't premiere until Mar. 29th. #
  • I was kinda expecting #OfftheMap to be #GreysAnatomy in the jungle & it surely met my expectations. #
  • Now, it's time to find out about #TheChicagoCode which premieres Feb. 7th on #FOX #
  • @BigTVFan The first V S.2 ep is, haven't gotten to the rest yet. #
  • @Kaliel2000 Not sure what was up with Body of Proof, it was supposed to premiere back during the fall. #
  • The @ChicagoCodeFOX "Pilot" is great, as it sets the show up to be bigger story-wise than just another cop/detective show. #
  • @TVjunkieJason #TheChicagoCode isn't perfect, but the "Pilot" sets it up to be much more than just a case of the week type detective show. #
  • #FOX‘s #TrafficLight is similar in premise to #CBS‘ #RoE & #ABC‘s #BetterWithYou But, would you believe, actually less funny than either. #
  • Time to "Let it Snow" with the S.3 premiere episode of #TNT‘s #Southland which plays Jan. 4th. #
  • @kyool I haven't got Ep.84 finished yet. Will be out in the next day or so. We are recording Ep.85 today which will go out early next week. #
  • @phouse1964 I haven't got Ep.84 done yet. Will be out in the next day or so. We're recording Ep.85 today which will go out early next week. #
  • Finished recording Ep.85 of @TVtimesThree. We previewed the Winter TV schedule with what new & returning shows look good & premiere dates. #
  • @shaneMD Southland didn't seem any different to me. #
  • @adamconway Haven't seen Perfect Couples yet, so can't say. But, in terms of funny: Traffic Light < Better With You < Rules of Engagement. #
  • @Lawyersaregood2 OfftheMap is good. Follows same storytelling style as Grey's. Medical cases mirror what docs are dealing w/ in their lives. #
  • @kyool I was more than halfway thru the first ep of Traffic Light before I found something that would qualify as even slightly humorous. #
  • @ABCFgreek Yes, #Greek S.4 starts off with a great ep that sets things up nicely for what looks to be a fun final season. #
  • @kyool I saw the, while not finalized, premiere ep Traffic Light. #
  • RT @LauinLA: Awesome & insightful piece: RT @slashfilm How ‘Community’ Saved Christmas: A Love Note to One of the … #
  • Read @Memles' Ode to Perabo: Celebrating Golden Globetrocity in its purest, most charmingly incomprehensible form. #
  • RT @michstjame: RT @TVbytheNumbers Fox Has Fun With Fringe's Friday Move in Promo (Video) || I love this SO much! #
  • If you're a #Terriers fan, go read @ShawnRyanTV's Tweet stream. He's answering ?s about the show & what would've happened in a 2nd season. #
  • @Kaliel2000 Yes, but I like that some showrunners are willing to blog, tweet, etc. about their canceled shows to provide fans some closure. #
  • @adrian_e You're excitement for #TheChicagoCode is well founded. It is very good. #
  • RT @TVWatchtower: In defense of @Syfy – "Curse of the Vanishing 18 Million: Where has the sci-fi audience gone?" #
  • RT @daemonstv: For The Vampire Diaries fans! RT @daemonsbooks: Giveaway: The Vampire Diaries: The Return: Nightfall #
  • @WarmTV That little Shown bit was one if the funniest parts of last might's Psych Christmas ep. #
  • RT @AirlockAlpha: Our #SGU show is about to start … come join us and chat at #
  • @WarmTV Since they aren't progressing the little Shawn back stories time-wise, they had to recast, cause started to look to old. #Psych #
  • @WarmTV Well, as you can see from last night's #Psych the former little Shawn is definitely too old to play the part any longer . #
  • RT @NatalieAbrams: Exclusive: Erin Karpluk on U.S. adaptation of Being Erica: Do Being Eric! @BeingErica @erinkarpluk #
  • RT @tvoti: TV on the Internet, Ep.50: Repeat the Question Please – Ho, ho, ho! Merry happy! Todd and Libby offer a… #
  • RT @NewMovieFriday: Are You a Fan of Scary Movies? Then You May Enjoy Chiller 13 #Chiller13 @ChillerTV #
  • #Webster S.1 comes to DVD from @ShoutFactory on Jan. 25th. #
  • @kyool Yes, there are some things that are universally funny, but what I thought was funny when I was 10 may not still be today. #Webster #

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