Twitterings for the Week Ending 2011-01-01

  • I just got a $5 credit for movies and TV shows @amazonvideo. Click to get yours. #get5 #
  • Time to watch #DoctorWho A Christmas Carol. #
  • Just finished watching #BeingHumanUK S.1. Great stuff. Ep.6 was outstanding. Looking forward to starting in on S.2. #
  • Time to bust out the big bag of @RedVines I got yesterday and settle in for some #BeingHumanUS #
  • While #BeingHumanUS is good, was hoping for more than just the UK version with a new cast and a few cosmetic changes to characters/story. #
  • I think I would’ve liked #BeingHumanUS more had I never watched the UK original. #
  • Time to watch some #Justified S.2, which premieres Wednesday, February 9th on FX. #
  • The first 3 eps of #Justified S.2 are excellent. Can’t wait to see more. #
  • Checking out Showtime’s new series #Shameless starring William H. Macy. It premieres Sunday, January 9th. #
  • #Shameless is a very good drama about a messed up family that is wrapped in the trappings of premium cable. #
  • RT @danieltwalters: Suggested New Year’s Resolutions for TV Showrunners #
  • 131 #TVMarathons for Your New Year’s Weekend Viewing Pleasure – – Please RT/Share #
  • RT @EddieMcClintock: In Character: Catching Up with #Warehouse13‘s Pete Lattimer (VIDEO) (I did an interview!) #
  • Nice! RT @danieltwalters: @sutterink Read the whole thing. The blog may be a bit slow & meandering in the middle but it has a killer finale. #
  • RT @NikkiFinke: ANALYSIS: Lessons Of The Fall & What Lies Ahead For The Big 4 Broadcast Networks #

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