Twitterings for the Week Ending 2011-01-15

  • Today @OvationTV is playing all 15 hours of #Firefly #
  • That’s enough football, time to watch some TV. Going to watch the final 3 eps of Showtime’s new comedy Episodes & then ShamelessUK S.1 Ep.1. #
  • Love @Sho_Episodes. It premieres tomorrow night on Showtime. Matt LeBlanc is great, as is Tamsin Greig & Stephen Mangan. #
  • Watching #ShamelessUK S.1 Ep.1 to compare with @Sho_Shameless, which premieres tomorrow night on Showtime. #
  • Other than a few added/extended scenes in #ShamelessUS, it is almost a shot for shot remake of #ShamelessUK. #
  • From earlier today, my review of tonight’s series premiere of @Sho_Shameless #Shameless #
  • From earlier today, my review of tonight’s series premiere of @Sho_Episodes #Episodes #
  • Just finished watching #PrimeSuspect S.1 on DVD. Helen Mirren was good as expected & it was interesting to see Ralph Fiennes in a bit part. #
  • Time to watch last night’s series premiere of NBC’s #TheCape #
  • #TheCape was so close, yet so far away. Everything happened way too fast. I got lost in the time frame in which everything takes place. #
  • RT @screenrant: Superhero Shows ‘Hulk’, ‘Jessica Jones’, & ‘Cloak and Dagger’ Headed to ABC #
  • Today @Syfy is playing all 26 episodes of #TheGreenHornet TV series. #
  • Sweet! @RaisingHopeFOX just got picked up of a second season. #
  • RT @HumanTargetFOX: Attn fans- #HUMANTARGET will be preempted this evening due to the live coverage of the Presidential speech. #
  • .@BetterWithUABC will be preempted as well. #
  • RT @LiveToDance_CBS: Due 2 live coverage of Presidential remarks, #LiveToDance 2 air @ 9pm/8pm (ET/CT Zones ONLY) #
  • It looks like @NBCChase will start its run on Wednesdays next week now due to President’s speech tonight. #
  • RT @BarrettFoa: I think 30 Rock is 1 of the funniest shows on TV. Always surprised we have 15 mil more viewers than they do. Thanks America! #
  • RT @maskedscheduler: HUMAN TARGETs preempted tonight could air as early as this Friday. FOX should decide by tomorrow. #
  • DVD? RT @KateOH: Per Variety, Showtime passes on Joel Surnow’s The Kennedys miniseries. So, after History and Showtime, who’s up next? #
  • RT @HumanTargetFOX: The all-new, 2-hour #HUMANTARGET previously scheduled for WED, will now air this FRI 1/14 at 8/7c! #
  • 3rded RT @IMDbTV: 2nded RT @televisionary If you’re not watching #Community you’re doing yourself a major disservice. Fix this accordingly. #
  • The eps of @BetterWithUABC, @CougarTownABC & @NBCChase preempted last night will play next week & @HumanTargetFOX will play tomorrow night. #

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