What to Watch Tonight: Smallville, Fringe & Merlin

News & Notes

Download Fringe S.3 Episodes via Amazon Video On DemandOn cable tonight, ID has the second season finale of Twisted and Travel Channel has a Ghostly Lovers special.

Prime Picks

Smallville (The CW): New. Lionel takes back control of LutherCorp. Clark and Lois see footage of Martha getting shot at a rally.

Fringe (FOX): New. Over in the alt-verse people are being found dead with an unknown bug that looks to have eaten their way out of the body. Fringe Division investigates. Walternate finds there is something even he won’t do to save his world. If you aren’t a big fan of the case of the week episodes, then one that takes place in the alt-verse probably won’t change your opinion. It’s a solid episode with a few small bits of alt-verse fun that leads to an interesting ending. Episodes in the alt-verse that began the season had better pacing and were more intense given Olivia trying to figure out how to get back here. So, it’s no surprise that this episode feels like a bit of a let down. There isn’t any urgency to the story being told, either the case of the week or the little bit of information we are given towards the over all story. I’ll be interested to learn what you think of the episode after it airs.

Merlin (Syfy): New. Merlin gets a brief glimpse of the future after being taken to the crystal cave. Plays again later.

Solid Selections

The Defenders (CBS): New. Nick and Pete try to show that a college student was conned into possessing 30 bricks of cocaine.

CSI: NY (CBS): New. The CSIs are tracking a hit man that leads them to a much larger conspiracy.

Blue Bloods (CBS): Repeat. The “Re-Do” episode replays, where one of the Reagans is put in danger after the release of some prisoners. New episodes resume in this time period on Friday nights beginning next week, February 11th.

Other Options

  • Law & Order: UK (BBC America): New. While investigating the murder of a prison officer, they find that he wasn’t the great guy his colleagues say he was. Last week’s episode, “Confession,” replays right after.
  • Spartacus: Gods of the Arena (Starz): New. A fight for power of the House of Batiatus is at hand between father and son. Runs 65 minutes. Plays again later.
  • Supernatural (The CW): New. Sam and Dean are led to a small town by the coordinates sent to them in a text message.

Sports Note

  • ESPN has doubleheader NBA action with the Los Angeles Lakers at the New York Knicks followed by Phoenix Suns at the Utah Jazz.

Late Night

  • Being Human (Syfy): Repeat. This past Monday’s episode, “Wouldn’t It Be Nice (If We Were Human),” replays.
  • Justified (FX): Repeat. This past Wednesday’s second season premiere episode, “The Moonshine War,” replays.

TV Marathons

A&E has eight episodes of Criminal Minds.
Spike TV has nine episodes of Gangland.
Syfy has seven episodes of Primeval early.
USA has nine episodes of House, M.D.

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