Twitterings for the Week Ending 2011-02-26

  • Today is the last day to enter our #SpinCity S.3&4 DVD set giveaway. #
  • Things people say before being disappointed for $100, Alex. RT @Miche77eR: The new transformers movie looks good #
  • Monday night's ep of #Castle "Set Up," is a great setup to a 2-part ep that concludes the next week. Can't wait to see how it all wraps up. #
  • Great opening sequence in Monday night's #TheChicagoCode "Gillis, Chase and Baby Face," & it only gets better from there. #
  • Recording Ep.90 of the @TVtimesThree podcast with @mytakeontv and @raelee. #
  • Great show. RT @televisionary: ICYMI earlier: Why you should watch #Parenthood NBC's criminally underrated drama #
  • Remember b4 that when people used 2 be creative? RT @Zap2itRick: Remember when people used to try to remake good movies? #thebodyguardremake #
  • That'll be ABCFamily's TBG2. RT @HitFixDaniel: I'm all for "The Bodyguard" remake. I see Justin Bieber as Costner & Selena Gomez as Whitney. #
  • RT @ShawnRyanTV: Remember @jeffeastin and I are in a Twitter war for charity. First to 15,000 followers wins. #
  • Watching tomorrow night's ep of #Fringe "Subject 13." #
  • Tomorrow night's flashback ep of #Fringe "Subject 13," is flippn' fantastic. Orla Brady is fabulous as Elizabeth Bishop. #

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