Twitterings for the Week Ending 2011-03-05

  • Made my Oscar picks for The 83rd Annual Academy Awards over @NewMovieFriday #Oscars #AcademyAwards #
  • Now, I'm going to watch this Tuesday's #TheGoodWife "Great Firewall," while I wait for the Oscars broadcast to begin. #
  • Actually watching the #Oscars but any Tweets will be over @NewMovieFriday. #
  • RT @TVDoneWright: Do they want to commemorate history or pander to the kids? Jesus this show has the tonal challenges of a Glee ep. #Oscars #
  • Nicely done. RT @writerchica: Seriously RT @BastardMachine: I'm so bored I might go to Jesus #
  • RT @midwestspitfire: I feel like I hate everything every1 on my feed loves. Think I'm just going to retire this account & start over fresh. #
  • Just thinking about the number of TV shows I could've and should've caught up with instead of watching the #Oscars #snoozefest. #
  • RT @SteveLevitan: I wish my wife could get dressed as fast as Anne Hathaway. #
  • .@memles or @tvoti need to get on this. RT @SarahLovesTV: Someone needs to write an essay comparing this Oscar telecast to #Glee Seriously. #
  • Time to watch some TV and try to push the #Oscars telecast out of my memory. But, not going to start with last week's #Glee #waytoosimilar #
  • What should I watch: Mar. 7th ep of #StargateUniverse Mar. 7th ep of #MrSunshine or Mar. 2nd ep of #Justified What would you watch? #
  • #SGU returns Mar. 7th to @Syfy w/ the 1st of its final 10 eps. Very tense good ep that will only disappoint fans more cause of cancellation. #
  • Just finished record Ep.91 of the @TVtimesThree podcast with @mytakeontv and guest @ShowPatrol. #
  • Yes it is! Tomorrow night's episode is outstanding. RT @chrisharnick: I just stood up from the couch in excitement. #TheGoodWife is on fire! #
  • No pun intended? RT @Deggans: When Kirstie Alley is arguably the biggest star in cast, you've got serious problems… #DWtS #
  • New @TVtimesThree Podcast Ep.90: The One With the Ramblings of a Recovering TV Whore – Download/Listen at #
  • Watching next Monday's series finale ep of #Greek "Legacy." Gonna be sad to see this one end. #
  • Nicely done #Greek Nicely done. @ABCFgreek graduates with a fantastic finale next Monday, March 7. A must watch for fans. #
  • Given all of @CharlieSheen's recent publicity, I think he has a legitimate shot of #winning this – #
  • What they said RT @Dom_Pagone: What he said RT @JohnSolbergFX: Erica Tazel is terrific in #Justified tonight. Good guest turn by Larenz Tate #

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