What to Watch Tonight: Camelot Series Premiere, CSI: NY & Blue Bloods

News & Notes

Pre-Order Smallville S.10 at AmazonTonight, CBS has the series premiere of Chaos.

On cable tonight, Animal Planet has the second season premiere of The Haunted, Cartoon Network has the third season finale of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, CMT has the first season finale of Working Class, E! has The Soup Awards special, Starz has the series premiere of Camelot, and TLC has the series premiere of Say Yes to the Dress: Randy Knows Best.

Prime Picks

Smallville (The CW): Repeat. The “Scion” episode from earlier this season replays, where Lionel and Tess are battling over the Luther name.

CSI: NY (CBS): New. Jo’s daughter becomes a witness to a murder.

Blue Bloods (CBS): New. Danny witnesses a murder and in an attempt to keep him from testifying, a member of his family is abducted. It’s a really good episode that features @DonnieWahlberg even more than usual, which is not a bad thing. I really like him in this role. Actually, I’ve liked him in pretty much every cop role he’s played, which has been numerous.

Other Options

  • Camelot (Starz): Series Premiere. King Uther has died suddenly and Britain is about to dive into chaos. Merlin sees a dark future, so he puts the unknown son of Uther, who has been raised as a commoner, in his father’s position. The young impetuous Arthur has an ambitious half sister Morgan that is none to happy with this turn of events vows to fight using unnatural forces to take hold of the crown and control. Things don’t look too great for the new king, except for Guinevere being a shining light in a harsh world. He is faced with difficult decisions and must unite the kingdom that has been broken by war and deception Stars Joseph Fiennes (FlashForward) as Merlin, Claire Forlani (CSI: NY) as Queen Igraine, Eva Green (Casino Royale) as Morgan, Tamsin Egerton as Guinevere, and Jamie Campbell Bower as Arthur. Runs 105 minutes. Plays twice.
  • Chaos (CBS): Series Premiere. A new agent is asked to become a mole by the deputy director of the CIA and see what he can find on a group of out of control agents. The only reason I even mention this, is to tell you how bad I thought it was. I am usually of the give a show a few episodes before making a final decision, but there is an exception to every rule and this show is definitely it. You have to give me at least something besides a likable cast in the “Pilot” to hang my hat on. But, there just isn’t anything here. It’s a mashed up ball of spy drama and silly comedy, yet neither works and mostly because of the existence of the other. If it was straight up drama, there might have been something. Or, if they had gone completely in the spoof direction, well that could have worked too. But, they tried to do both and failed miserably.
  • Law & Order: UK (BBC America): New. A footballer is murdered and it looks like it might be more than just a robbery gone wrong. The “Help” episode replays right before and the “Duty of Care” episode right after.
  • Merlin (Syfy): New. A slave trader captures Arthur and Merlin after they had retrieved a magic artifact. When they get rescued, the artifact falls into the wrong hands. Plays again later.

Sports Note

  • ESPN has doubleheader MLB action and later doubleheader NBA action with the Boston Celtics at the Atlanta Hawks followed by the Los Angeles Lakers at the Utah Jazz.

Late Night

  • Being Human (Syfy): Repeat. This past Monday’s episode, “Going Dutch,” replays.
  • Justified (FX): Repeat. This past Wednesday’s episode, “The Spoil,” replays.

TV Marathons

A&E has seven episodes of Criminal Minds tonight.
Oxygen has 14 episodes of Roseanne followed by eight episodes of Supernanny.
Spike TV has seven episodes of Gangland.
USA has 10 episodes of House.

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