What to Watch Tonight: Smallville, Friday Night Lights, Fringe, Fringe & More

News & Notes

Pre-Order Smallville Season 10 on DVD at AmazonTonight, CBS has a Girls Night Out: Superstar Women of Country special.

Over on cable, Discovery Channel has second season premiere of Dual Survival, HBO has a Talking Funny special, Lifetime has a couple Royal Wedding of a Lifetime specials, and National Geographic has the series premiere of Ice Pilots.

Prime Picks

Smallville (The CW): New. There is a new superhero in town and he is a glory hog named Booster, who is out for the fame and fortune he can get out of being a superhero. Eric Martsolf (Days of Our Lives, Passions) is fantastic as Booster Gold with his toothy grin and over-the-top mugging for the camera. But, this is a really great episode for Clark moving closer to becoming the hero we know he is to be. While the series has meandered about over the last 10 years pushing its inevitable conclusion off into the distance (no flights, not tights being the mantra), it has really come together as it nears its finale. This episode shows the promise of the series going out on a high note. There is lots of fun to be had with Clark turning into the bumbling, fumbling, stumbling, reporter/alter ego of Superman in this episode, my only complaint is that this should have long been taking place already.

Fringe (FOX): New. Walternate turns on the device and things start to not look so good for those of us over here. Plays again late night tomorrow.

Sanctuary (Syfy): New. Magnus arrives back from a conference to find the place in shambles and the defense system down. She tries to piece together what went on and what happened to her team. Plays again later. Solid episode told in flashback pieces from multiple perspectives until the full story emerges.

Solid Selections

Friday Night Lights (NBC): New. Not everyone is overjoyed by how the season opener went. Vince finds that being a football star has its benefits. Tami attempts to get a tutoring program up and running.

Supernatural (The CW): New. Sam and Dean need Castiel to send them back in time where they know they can find something to help them defeat Eve. This puts them back in the old west and they really do have a lot of fun with the genre. I don’t watch this show often, but the few episodes I’ve seen have always been really good. This is no exception. There is plenty of humor and action to be enjoyed by even those that don’t watch often or at all. This show is on my list of series to catch up with at some point.

Camelot (Starz): Repeat. The premiere episode, “Homecoming,” replays. Plays twice.

Sports Notes

  • ESPN has doubleheader NBA playoff action with the Boston Celtics at the New York Knicks followed by the Los Angeles Lakers at the New Orleans Hornets.
  • ESPN2 has playoff action with the Orlando Magic at the Atlanta Hawks.
  • MLB Network has the Cincinnati Reds at the St. Louis Cardinals.
  • Versus has NHL playoff action.

Late Night

  • Justified (FX): Repeat. This past Wednesday’s episode, “Full Commitment,” replays.
  • Stargate Universe (Syfy): Repeat. This past Monday’s episode, “Common Descent,” replays.

TV Marathons

A&E has seven episodes of Criminal Minds tonight.
BET has 20 episodes of Everybody Hates Chris.
Bravo has 10 episodes of America’s Next Top Model.
Spike TV has 14 episodes of Gangland.
Syfy has eight episodes of Eureka early.
USA has eight episodes of House.
WE tv has 10 episodes of Frasier tonight.

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