Twitterings for the Week Ending 2011-04-23

  • There's not much to b kind about. RT @ssigafoos: To say reviews for #TheFallofSamAxe are not kind would be a bit of an understatement. #ouch #
  • Note to #BurnNotice fans: Watch today's 12-hr marathon & then do yourself a favor & flip channels before #TheFallofSamAxe #
  • Recording E.96 of the @TVtimesThree podcast with @mytakeontv and @raelee. #
  • RT @Primetime_Jen: All the good guys are gay, taken or hate TV. Going to develop a niche dating website which pairs you based on fave shows. #
  • Watching this Friday's episode of #Smallville "Booster" and then probably going to head into "Frontierland" with this week's #Supernatural #
  • RT @sizzlemaker: Chuck fans doing smart, interesting #NotANielsenFamily campaign for renewal. #
  • About to dig into some @jimmyfallon inspired Late Night Snack Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream. #
  • Hey @mmsgreen, if M&M's isn't already working on a potato chip cluster M&M, similar to what's in @jimmyfallon's Ben&Jerry's, they should be. #
  • It's a great ep. RT @kryptonsite: Wouldn't it be awesome if Booster had the highest ratings 4 TheCW's entire week? #WatchBooster #Smallville #
  • Have podcast editing to finish & other things to do, but the call of next Wednesday's #Justified can no longer be ignored. #
  • Next Wednesday's #Justified "Reckoning," is another fantastic episode. Everything so far points to an amazing S.2 finale on May 4th. #
  • Continuing my procrastination with last night's #TVD and then #Nikita #

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