Giveaway: Enter to Win a Burn Notice Season 4 DVD Set
May 31, 2011 Cable TV

Find Burn Notice Season 4 on DVD at AmazonOn Tuesday, June 7th, 2011 Burn Notice season four will be released on DVD. To celebrate the release, Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment and Think Jam promotions is giving TVaholic readers a chance to win a copy of the DVD set. All you have to do is follow the easy instructions below, which pretty much amounts to answering the question below in the comments on this post. Good Luck!

Also, don’t forget that Burn Notice season five premieres Thursday, June 23rd on USA Network.

What Is the Prize?

  • One Burn Notice: Season Four DVD set, which features never-before-seen bonus footage such as “Sam Axe’s Guide to Ladies and Libations,” “Burn Notice Roasts White Collar,” “White Collar Roasts Burn Notice,” audio commentaries, behind-the-scenes stunt featurette, gag reel, and lots of deleted scenes!

How Do I Enter?

Leave a comment on this post below as follows:

  • What is your favorite thing about Burn Notice?

What Are the Rules?

  1. Limit one entry per person. Subsequent entries will be disqualified. Must be 18 and a legal resident of the United States or Canada. Must include a valid name and email address, which we will only use to contact you, if your comment is selected as the winner. Odds of winning depend on number of legitimate entries. The use of automated devices to enter the giveaway is prohibited. There is no responsibility assumed by for lost or late entries, or any computer, online telephone, or technical malfunctions that may occur.
  2. Each comment is time stamped and numbered. Entries must be received by 11:59 p.m. PT, Wednesday, June 8th, 2011. One number will be drawn at random using the random integer generator at and the corresponding comment will be selected as the winner.
  3. The winner will be notified via email. Overzealous spam filters can sometimes eat the message, so please check your spam folder or come back to this page to see if you’ve won. You will have until June 11th, 2011 to respond. Once the winner has responded with their U.S./Canadian shipping address to claim their prize, the winner’s name and state/province will be added to this post. If you don’t respond in time, a new winner will be selected. Prizes lost, stolen, or damaged during shipping cannot be replaced and winners are responsible for any taxes resulting from the receipt of prizes. Any and all guarantees and warranties of prizes are subject to the manufacturer’s terms and conditions, and winners agree to contact the prize manufacturers for any such warranty or guarantee claim.

And the Winners Is

Screenshot of the number drawn at for the Burn Notice S.4 DVD Giveaway

  • #80 – Marcy Strahan of ???, ?? is the winner of Burn Notice season four on DVD.

Update 6.09.2011: Added winner information and sent email notification.

"81" Comments
  1. my favorite thing about burn notice is bruce campbell!

  2. My favorite thing is when Michael gets all MacGyvery with his plans.

  3. I love how smooth Michael appears. Cool and calm when danger appears.

  4. Bruce Campell is my favorite part

  5. There’s too much to list about the likable parts of this show. I think the show has excellent writers. I like the various identities that the cast assumes in various shows. I really like the character development. While I know much of the shows “spy action” is just for entertainment, I sure do enjoy it. And of course, Sam is the best.

  6. I love that the show uses South Florida locations. Living in South Florida, I love to spot places I recognize. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  7. I have to be honest and say I missed S4 altogether and need to catch up! But I love Micheal’s MacGyver stuff (thanks Kyle!) and his addiction to yogurt!

  8. Fi and Michael is what I love most about Burn Notice. I love everything about the show but I mostly love Fi and Michael. I love their banter, how they work together, everything.

  9. My favorite thing about Burn Notice is the voice-overs and the very logical but at the same time very fantastic advice about using household items as weapons or how to escape dangerous situations. I probably won’t ever need it, but I love that knowledge!

  10. I would have to say that I dont have ONE favorite thing about Burn Notice. I love Michael’s Mom, if she isnt a handler, she should be recruited. I loved the episode the conned the guy out of the coordinates for Michael’s location when the Russian kidnapped him and the guy that Fi stole a shipment of guns from. I loved Michael, Fi, Sam and Jesse’s chemistry and antics. They are an awesome team and I cant wait for Season 5.

  11. I like how Michael gets out of though situations, he is very sleek!

  12. I love that there hasn’t been an addition to the “crew” which would ruin the chemistry. Also love the setting of Miami which is a nice “fun” change to what is on network TV during the regular season.

  13. My favorite thing about Burn Notice is watching it with my Dad. It’s one of the few shows we watch and enjoy together. He is a huge fan and I would love to win this for him for Father’s Day.

  14. I like all the plans – it reminds me of A-team, only much funnier! And Bruce Campbell doesn’t hurt the humor, either!

  15. Rebecca Graham

    I like that it takes part in the South.

  16. I love bruce campbell, he is an underated actor.

  17. Love the Miami setting — and Michael is way cool!

  18. In my opinion, the 2nd greatest USA original show behind Monk. People are complaining about, the characters, being perfect. But im sure most people would to when they spent more, than half of their life doing that profession.

  19. I like Sharon Gless as Michael’s mom.

  20. I have to go with the majority, but Sam Axe (Bruce Campbell) is the best! He adds just the right amount of humor to the show but can be intimidating when he needs to be!

  21. I love that it takes place in Florida, where Im from.
    Thanks for the chance.
    [email protected]

  22. My fav thing about Burn notice is Michael he is super sexy and I can watch him all the time with out my husband getting mad because of Fiona he thinks she is totally hot so its a win win. Plus the action is awesome and I couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve watched the show just to see how he can work his magic to get out of tight areas. Plus the movie the fall of sam axe really made me understand his life and I really admire him as well. It will due the network alot of good to keep the series going because my friends and I agree its the only reason we watch the usa network. Thanks

  23. I love the characters

  24. the great characters!

  25. I have to say Sharon Gless…

    She still looks sorta good after all these years….

    I like his car, too….

    mtdoonmeister at gmail dot com

  26. Michael is the best thing about the show. I hated the show Touching Evil, so when Burn Notice first stared and I saw Jeffrey Donovan was the lead, I almost dismissed the show outright, but it has been so good, and his character is great!

  27. I love all of the gadgets that Michael makes on the fly. I always love when he has to improvise some device or method to escape or get information. I find it very cool!

  28. I definately like the Miami location.

  29. My favorite part is the writing. I love how they go at each other.

    ky2here at msn dot com

  30. everything! love this show, Bruce Campbell is the best, the stories are great and the action intense. if i win this set it would be great, it is such a awesome show

  31. i like all the views of florida it makes the show

  32. Julie Hanson-Mannion

    I absolutely love this show. I agree with all the comments. There are so many good points to list. The plot lines are great, the fieriness of Fiona and how much explosives she likes to use but doesn’t always get to oh and Michael’s mom is a trip.

  33. My favorite thing about Burn Notice is that the new season is starting this month. Thanks.

  34. Bruce Campbell! I’d watch him in a soap commercial and still think he was the funniest man alive!

  35. My favorite thing about Burn Notice is the Miami setting!

  36. Totally Bruce Campbell! But I love everything about the show. ;)


  37. The excellent writing, storylines and character development!

  38. The character Sam Axe for comic relief

  39. My favorite thing about Burn Notice is the relationship between Fi and Michael! and now that Jesse is in the mix it should be interesting this season! Sharon Gless is great too!

  40. I love the relationship between Fi and Michael

  41. Michaels my fave

  42. Sam always has a friend, need a car, van, tank, info on the CIA, FBI Sam has a friend!

  43. Jacob LaFountaine

    I like Ash. I mean Bruce Campbell

  44. the characters. michael weston is hot. fiona is hot. and bruce campbell is just so much fun!

  45. My favorite thing is the Michael character…duh.

  46. What isn’t special and noteworthy, the cast and their connections, scenery, clothes , scripts and best of all chemistry.

  47. Here is another vote for Bruce Campbell as Sam Axe

  48. This shows combines action with comedy.

  49. I love all the guest stars. Sure, there’s a set cast, but every week there are new stars getting into or causing trouble as part of a season long mystery. Its darn near the perfect show! Oh yea, I also love explosions!

  50. Mancrush on Jeffrey Donovan!

  51. I love the cast, thanks!

  52. I love the chemistry among the cast members.

  53. Christy Schultz

    I like the relationship between Fiona and Michael.

  54. Every episode has an original storyline

  55. Please Enter Me In Your Burn Notice:Season Four DVD Giveaway.
    In Response To Your Question Of What is My favorite thing about Burn Notice? My Answer Is Nothing.
    I Could Have Lied And Said This Show Had Great Characters Or The Storylines Were Magnificent But I Haven’t Watched This Show.
    It Would Be Great To Win This DVD So I Could See What I’ve Been Missing.Thanks For Having This Giveaway!

  56. My favorite thing about Burn Notice is Sam Axe aka Bruce Campbell. Of course the entire show is very well done, acting, writing, everything…love the show. :-) thank you.

  57. My favorite thing about Burn Notice is Michael and Fiona’s relationship.

  58. I love all of the relationships but mostly the Michael and Sam relationship. They are a hoot.

  59. I love Fiona’s personality and her relationship with Michael keeps me intrigued.

  60. I have seen this but I like Covert Affairs and Royal Pains, so Im sure Ill like this too.

  61. Debbie Kennedy

    I love that it is very entertaining, and gives me something to do when my little one is sleeping.

  62. Love the character development, and the voiceovers.

  63. Sam Axe is my favorite thing about Burn Notice.

  64. the cast~

  65. my favorite thing about burn notice is that it makes me laugh

  66. Michael Westen’s cool calm demeanor is my favorite thing about the show.

  67. My favorite thing on Burn Notice is Michael and Fiona!

  68. What is my favorite thing about Burn Notice? I would say the writing and acting. The show is brilliantly written but a script is only as good as it’s actors and Burn Notice has been gifted with one of the most talented cast. In a second, Fiona can me smile, Sam can make me giggle, Madelina can make me cry and Michael can make me want to fight for him. That’s the signs of a strong show.

  69. My favorite thing is that you don’t have to see every episode to enjoy it. If I don’t understand the nuances I can just sit back and enjoy the scenery.

  70. Burn Notice is my favorite show!! One of the only things worth watching on television!

  71. i like the variety of stories from episode to episode

  72. Bruce Campell and the story plots are my favorite parts

  73. My favorite thing about Burn Notice is the acting

  74. My favorite thing about Burn Notice is the action filled stories.

  75. I like the banter between the characters.

  76. The chemistry between Michael and Fiona is absolutely sizzling!

  77. It has exciting story lines.

  78. My Favorite Thing About Burn Notice Is Gabrielle Anwar

  79. Veronica Garrett

    Bruce Camphbell is the best thing about the show.

  80. To me it’s a 2011 version of a “Miami Vice” with hotter & more exciting charactors & plots.

  81. This giveaway is now closed. Thanks to the 80 people who entered and good luck!

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