Twitterings for the Week Ending 2011-11-05

by Jason the TVaholic on November 5, 2011

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  • No, just a bad idea in general. RT @thetvchick: It's kind of a bad idea to catch up on #AmericanHorrorStory when I'm eating, huh? #
  • Time to play #SonsofAnarchy S.4 catch-up. #
  • Taking a #SonsofAnarchy break for some #OnceUponaTime #
  • Watched last week's #OnceUponaTime premiere again followed by tonight's excellent ep. Now, checking out next week's ep. #
  • Next week's #OnceUponaTime is fantastic. After three eps, it is definitely my favorite new network show this fall. #
  • Well, am now caught up with #SonsofAnarchy and holy crap! Some stuff has been going down. Now, this Tuesday's episode, "Kiss." #
  • Ep.9 & 10 of #SonsofAnarchy S.4 ratchets things up a lot and looks to be setting up an insane final stretch of episodes. #
  • What show would you choose? RT @televisionary: Question: if you could only watch 1 new show (comedy or drama) this season, what would it be? #
  • What show would you choose? RT @televisionary: Question: Likewise, if you could only watch 1 returning show this season, which would it be? #

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