March 2012

RT @iamwtv: @theTVaholic having watched many of our TV favs get cancelled please spread the word about – # New @TVtimesThree #Podcast Ep.127: Fairly Awake Missing Time In Alcatraz – with @CarlaDay & @kyool. #

News & Notes Listen to the latest TV times Three Podcast: Ep.127, “Fairly Awake Missing Time In Alcatraz.” This week @CarlaDay from @TVDiehard and @kyool from @NoReruns joined me to discuss recent episodes of Awake, Alcatraz, Once Upon a Time, Missing, Fairly Legal, and In Plain Sight. Prime Picks Fairly Legal (NBC): Repeat. The second [...]

News & Notes On cable tonight, CMT has the third season finale of Sweet Home Alabama, Discovery Channel has a Gold Rush: Alaska special and a Bering Sea Gold special, and TLC has the second season finale of My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding. Shows normally recommended below but are repeats or not on tonight include [...]

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