Summer TV Show Premiere Dates – 2012

There are lots of shows coming or have started up already for Summer 2012. Below you will find summer TV show premiere dates listed by day and then date. New series are linked to their official websites and if I’ve seen it already, there may be a brief review. Also, find out more about the Printable Summer TV Schedules.

Sunday Summer Shows

5.13 – The Next Food Network Star (Food Network): S.8 Premiere.

6.03 – Drop Dead Diva (Lifetime): S.4 Premiere. First episode back wasn’t great, but set the show on an interesting path for the season.
6.03 – Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition (ABC): S.2 Premiere.
6.03 – The Glades (A&E): S.3 Premiere. Love this show.
6.03 – Ice Road Truckers (History): S.6 Premiere.
6.03 – Longmire (A&E): Series Premiere. Very much enjoyed the premiere episode.
6.03 – Secret Millionaire (ABC): S.3 Premiere.

6.10 – True Blood (HBO): S.5 Premiere.

6.17 – Falling Skies (TNT): S.2 Premiere. Was very interested to know how they were going to get out of how things ended in season one and am happy to report that they do a very good job of doing so.

6.24 – Army Wives (Lifetime): S.6 Summer Premiere.
6.24 – The Great Escape (TNT): Series Premiere.
6.24 – The Newsroom (HBO): Series Premiere. I can’t wait for this show. It looks fantastic.

7.01 – Episodes (Showtime): S.2 Premiere. Looking forward to its return.
7.01 – Weeds (Showtime): S.8 Premiere.

7.15 – Big Brother (CBS): S.14 Premiere.
7.15 – Breaking Bad (AMC): S.5 Premiere.
7.15 – Leverage (TNT): S.5 Premiere. Looking forward to having this one back. Such a fun show.
7.15 – Political Animals (USA Network): Series Premiere.

7.23 – 3 (CBS): Series Premiere.

8.12 – Hell on Wheels (AMC): S.2 Premiere.

8.19 – Copper (BBC America): Series Premiere.
8.19 – The Great Food Truck Race (Food Network): S.3 Premiere.

Monday Summer TV

4.16 – Eureka (Syfy): S.5 Premiere. Series Finale on 7.16. Will be sad to see this one go.
4.16 – Lost Girl (Syfy): S.2 Premiere. Series moves to Fridays as of 7.20.

5.14 – The Bachelorette (ABC): S.8 Premiere.
5.14 – America’s Got Talent (NBC): S.7 Premiere.

6.04 – Hell’s Kitchen (FOX): S.10 Premiere.
6.04 – MasterChef (FOX): S.3 Premiere.
6.04 – Teen Wolf (MTV): S.2 Premiered on 6.03, but will play on Mondays. Who would’ve ever thought that this show would be this good.

6.11 – Bunheads (ABC Family): Series Premiere. This show is very good. If you are a fan of Gilmore Girls, then you are going to want to check this one out. The dialogue and pacing feel very much the same, right from the opening scene. Don’t let the show’s name or ballet being involved turn you off to what looks to be a great new show.
6.11 – The Secret Life of the American Teenager (ABC Family): S.5 Premiere. Can’t believe this show has gone this many seasons.
6.11 – Top Gear (BBC America): S.2 Premiere.

6.18 – The Glass House (ABC): Series Premiere.

7.09 – The Closer (TNT): S.7 Summer Premiere. Series Finale on 8.13. Returns with a fantastic episode that has Brenda going up against a longtime nemesis. Will be sad to see this one go too, but can’t wait to see how they end it and spin it off into Major Crimes.
7.09 – Perception (TNT): Series Premiere. Those that don’t like procedurals, may not like this. I quite enjoyed it. Eric McCormack gives a great performance.
7.09 – Remodeled (The CW): Series Premiere Encore. First few episodes replay before a few new episodes.

7.23 – Alphas (Syfy): S.2 Premiere.
7.23 – The Bachelor Pad (ABC): S.3 Premiere.
7.23 – Warehouse 13 (Syfy): S.4 Premiere.

8.13 – Major Crimes (TNT): Series Premiere. Looking forward to seeing how they spin this off of The Closer.

Tuesday Summer Series

5.29 – The Catalina (The CW): Series Premiere.
5.29 – HGTV Design Star (HGTV): S.7 Premiere.
5.29 – Tosh.0 (Comedy Central): S.4 Summer Premiere.
5.29 – What Not to Wear (TLC): S.9 Summer Premiere.
5.29 – Workaholics (Comedy Central): S.3 Premiere.

6.05 – Franklin & Bash (TNT): S.2 Premiere. This show is just over-the-top fun. It’s like Boston Legal without the politics.
6.05 – The Glee Project (Oxygen): S.2 Premiere.
6.05 – Jane by Design (ABC Family): S.1 Summer Premiere. Makes a very fun Ferris Bueller-y return.
6.05 – Love in the Wild (NBC): S.2 Premiere.
6.05 – Pretty Little Liars (ABC Family): S.3 Premiere. This show seems to get better and better. Fantastically creepy return.
6.05 – Rizzoli & Isles (TNT): S.3 Premiere. Picks up where S.2 left off, which leaves the show with a slightly more serious tone than normal. Overall, I don’t find this show to be very good, as the writing is weak and the mysteries less than compelling.

6.26 – Retired at 35 (TV Land): S.2 Premiere.

7.10 – Covert Affairs (USA Network): S.3 Premiere.
7.10 – NY Med (ABC): Series Premiere.
7.10 – Trust Us With Your Life (ABC): Series Premiere.
7.10 – White Collar (USA Network): S.4 Premiere. Can’t wait to see this.

7.17 – The L.A. Complex (The CW): S.2 Premiere. The CW is replaying the first season over the six weeks leading up to the S.2 premiere.

7.31 – Design Star All Stars (HGTV): Series Premiere.

8.07 – Hark Knocks (HBO): S.7 Premiere. Miami Dolphins will be the team profiled.

8.21 – Face Off (Syfy): S.3 Premiere.

Wednesday Summer Television

5.24 – So You Think You Can Dance (FOX): S.9 Premiere.

5.30 – Dogs in the City (CBS): Series Premiere.
5.30 – Melissa & Joey (ABC Family): S.2 Premiere. While the show isn’t great, it is fun. I think its the nostalgia factor that keeps me watching.

6.06 – Necessary Roughness (USA Network): S.2 Premiere. Show picks back up a few weeks after the S.1 finale. The shooting and the owners divorcing put the show on an interesting path for the season.
6.06 – Royal Pains (USA Network): S.4 Premiere. Show picks back up the next day from where S.3 ended. The rift between the brothers definitely puts this season headed down a very interesting path.

6.13 – Dallas (TNT): Series Premiere. Found this to be just okay, but if you like your soaps to have twists around every turn and for nobody to be what they seem leading to plenty of backstabbing, then you’ll want to jump in on this one. Cause, that’s exactly what you’re going to get. Probably shouldn’t be bothered by this all still taking place after the season that was all a dream, but it does.

6.20 – Baby Daddy (ABC Family): Series Premiere. It’s basically three men and a baby. The “Pilot” is okay. Maybe down the road it will come together, but it does pair nicely with Melissa & Joey.
6.20 – The Exes (TV Land): S.2 Premiere.
6.20 – Futurama (Comedy Central): S.7 Premiere.
6.20 – Inside Men (BBC America): Series Premiere.
6.20 – The Soul Man (TV Land): Series Premiere.

6.27 – Final Witness (ABC): Series Premiere.

7.11 – Beverly Hills Nannies (ABC Family): Series Premiere.
7.11 – Damages (Direct TV): S.5 Premiere.
7.11 – The Franchise (Showtime): S.2 Premiere.
7.11 – Hit & Miss (Direct TV): Series Premiere.

7.25 – Top Chef Masters (Bravo): S.4 Premiere.

8.15 – Oh Sit! (The CW): Series Premiere.

Thursday Summer TV Shows

5.24 – Duets (ABC): Series Premiere.
5.24 – Men at Work (TBS): Series Premiere. After three episodes, I’ve yet to find this funny.
5.24 – Rookie Blue (ABC): S.3 Premiere. Don’t get the love for this show. It’s pretty terrible.

5.31 – Breaking Pointe (The CW): Series Premiere.

6.07 – The Choice (FOX): Series Premiere.
6.07 – Saving Hope (NBC): Series Premiere. This one seems like a reverse A Gifted Man.
6.07 – Take Me Out (FOX): Series Premiere.

6.14 – Burn Notice (USA Network): S.6 Premiere.
6.14 – Suits (USA Network): S.2 Premiere. Returns with a great episode that puts things in an interesting place for the firm going forward.

6.28 – Anger Management (FX): Series Premiere. The new Charlie Sheen show.
6.28 – Awkward. (MTV): S.2 Premiere. Can’t wait for this show to return.
6.28 – Louie (FX): S.3 Premiere.
6.28 – Wilfred (FX): S.2 Premiere.
6.28 – Wipeout (ABC): S.5 Summer Premiere.

7.19 – Sullivan & Son (TBS): Series Premiere.

8.16 – The Next: Fame Is at Your Doorstep (The CW): Series Premiere.

Friday Summer TV Series

5.11 – Common Law (USA Network): Series Premiere. After three episode, just not feeling this one.

6.08 – Bunk (IFC): Series Premiere.
6.08 – Comedy Bang! Bang! (IFC): Series Premiere.

6.29 – XIII (Reelz Channel): Series Premiere. Looks like a a cross between Bourne and Hitman. Wish I had Reelz Channel to be able to see this one.

7.13 – Tyler Perry’s For Better of Worse (TBS): S.2 Premiere.

7.20 – Tyler Perry’s House of Payne (TBS): S.7 Premiere.

8.17 – Boss (Starz): S.2 Premiere.

8.24 – America’s Next Top Model (The CW): S.19 Premiere.

Saturday Summer Shows

5.26 – How to Be a Gentlemen (CBS): S.1 Resumes. Remaining three episodes play.

7.07 – NYC 22 (CBS): S.1 Resumes. Remaining nine episode play.

7.14 – Mobbed (FOX): S.1 Summer Premiere.

What summer TV show are you most looking forward to having back or new show are you looking forward to finally seeing? Let us know in the comments. See a show I missed, add them in the comments as well.

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