Interview: FX’s Sons of Anarchy Creator Kurt Sutter From Comic-Con 2012

Creator & Executive Producer Kurt Sutter of Sons of Anarchy at Comic-Con 2012On the Sunday, July 15th I was part of a group interview with Kurt Sutter, creator of FX’s Sons of Anarchy, before the panel at Comic-Con 2012. See what was covered below and check out the video interview.

Interview Topics Covered

  • Where season five starts
  • What it will be like for Jax at the head of the table
  • What is in store for Clay after the events of season four
  • Jimmy Smits & Harold Perrineau
  • How things have changed/not changed from the original vision of the show over the five seasons
  • Where he gets the ideas for some of the violent endings for so many characters

Watch the Interview with Kurt Sutter, Creator of FX’s Sons of Anarchy

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