Interview: The CW’s Arrow Director David Nutter (Video)

The CW's Arrow EP & Director David NutterOn the Friday, July 13th I was part of a group interview with David Nutter, executive producer and director, of The CW’s Arrow at Comic-Con 2012. Arrow will play on Wednesdays this fall starting September 30th, 2012. See what was covered below and check out the video interview.

Interview Topics Covered

  • Introductions
  • Thoughts on the “Pilot” and the show and the cast
  • Inspiration for the look of the show
  • Will other DC Comics characters appear
  • Some of the changes from the comic to the show
  • Challenges in creating the “Pilot” in regards to other superhero shows
  • How he uses his past experience in his present work
  • Standalone episodes and overall story arcs

Watch the Interview With the Director of The CW’s Arrow “Pilot”

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