Interview: Maggie Q of The CW’s Nikita (Video)

Maggie Q of The CW's NikitaOn the Thursday, July 12th I was part of a group interview with Maggie Q of The CW’s Nikita at Comic-Con 2012. Nikita season three will play on Fridays this fall starting October 19th, 2012. See what was covered below and check out the video interview.

Interview Topics Covered

  • What things will be like for Nikita as season three begins
  • Thoughts on growing a character over many seasons
  • Nikita’s wardrobe and style
  • Nikita’s living situation in season three
  • The dynamic between Nikita and Amanda
  • Working within the new Division
  • Standalone episodes and guest stars
  • What Maggie did on her hiatus
  • How much she knows about season three
  • Her thoughts on the end of season two and how season three begins
  • What Maggie has learned from Nikita
  • The international market for the show

Watch the Interview With Maggie Q of The CW’s Nikita

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