TV Thursday: The Vampire Diaries, Burn Notice S.6 Fall Premiere, Elementary & More

News & Notes

Get The Vampire Diaries Season 3 on Blu-ray/DVD at AmazonOn cable tonight, Comedy Central has the second season finale of Gabriel Iglesias Presents Stand-Up Revolution, Discovery Channel has a Jungle Gold special and USA Network has the sixth fall season premiere of Burn Notice.

Prime Picks

The Vampire Diaries (The CW): New. Klaus and Stefan are working together. Caroline learns of Hayley being at the Lockwood mansion. Prof. Shane attempts to help Bonnie.

Person of Interest (CBS): New. Reese ends up in the suburbs to protect someone. Starts a minute after the hour and runs 60 minutes.

Elementary (CBS): New. Sherlock believes that one of the passengers in a plane crash was dead before the plane crashed. Watson thinks Sherlock should meet up with his father. Starts a minute after the hour and runs 59 minutes.

Solid Selections

Last Resort (ABC): New. The crew deals with an attack that is unlike anything else they have faced and must protect the sub and the island.

Burn Notice (USA Network): Fall Premiere. The group tries to figure a way out of Panama and back to the states and things don’t go that smoothly. Plays again later.

Burn Notice (USA Network): New. Michael tries to get info on his mentor to prove what he has done. Meanwhile, Fiona and Sam try to help the woman that helped Fiona while she was in jail. Plays again later. Given how this one ends, I am very interested to see what happens next week. USA Network recently picked the show up for a seventh season.

Other Options

  • The Big Bang Theory (CBS): New. Bernadette is tired of living with Howard’s mom. Sheldon ends up in the middle of an argument between Amy and Wil Wheaton. Runs 31 minutes.
  • Dexter (SHO2): Repeat. This past Sunday night’s episode, “Do the Wrong Thing,” replays.
  • Grey’s Anatomy (ABC): New. Meredith and Cristina are relying on each other to get them through dealing with growing responsibilities at their hospitals. Runs 62 minutes.
  • Homeland (SHO2): Repeat. This past Sunday night’s episode, “A Gettysburg Address,” replays.
  • The Office (NBC): New. The staff keeps calling in to bother Dwight after he gets on a local radio show. Runs 31 minutes.
  • Parks & Recreation (NBC): New. Leslie is worried about meeting Ben’s parents. Tom has a new business idea that he wants to pitch to Ron. Starts a minute after the half hour and runs 30 minutes.
  • Scandal (ABC): New. A governor that shot an intruder attacking his wife hires the team to help him out. Starts a minute after the hour and runs 58 minutes. This show is very twisty. What did you think about the gang of five?
  • Two and a Half Men (CBS): New. Walden hires an actress to play his girlfriend. Starts a minute after the half hour and runs 30 minutes.

Sports Notes

  • ESPN has Thursday Night College Football with Florida State at Virginia Tech.
  • NFL Network has Thursday Night Football with the Indianapolis Colts at the Jacksonville Jaguars.
  • TNT has doubleheader NBA action tonight.

Thursday TV Marathons

ION has 10 episodes of Numb3rs.
Oxygen has 18 episodes of House.
TNT has five episodes of The Mentalist.
USA Network has seven episodes of Burn Notice early followed by eight episodes of NCIS.

What are you going to watch on TV Thursday?

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