Interview: Tim Omundson, Maggie Lawson & James Roday Talk Season 7, the 100th Episode & More

Psych Cast Celebrating 100 EpisodesI had the chance to visit the set of Psych up in Vancouver, B.C. with a group of TV bloggers during the filming of the show’s 100th episode, “100 Clues.” While there we got a chance to interview the cast, which included stars Tim Omundson, Maggie Lawson and James Roday. The interview took place on the police station set and covered the following. You can listen to it below.

Interview Topics Covered

  • Working with the guest stars on episode 100 (Christopher Lloyd, Martin Mull, Lesley Ann Warren, Garrett Morris, Steve Valentine and Curt Smith)
  • Thoughts on Clue and how episode 100 compares
  • The flashback that begins episode 100
  • What it feels like to reach the 100 episode milestone
  • Being recognized from the show
  • Memorable and favorite moments from the show
  • James joins about 20 minutes in
  • Dark moments on Psych like the end of season six
  • Growth of the characters over the seasons
  • Will there be more with the character’s families
  • Other homage ideas they’d like to do in the future on Psych
  • How the alternate endings will work on the “100 Clues” episode
  • Others finding out that Shawn has been faking being a psychic
  • Guest stars they’d like to have on the show
  • How James has grown since the beginning of the show
  • What films have inspired James recently
  • A look ahead for their characters this season
  • Challenges of shooting in Vancouver, B.C.

Listen to the Interview With Tim Omundson, Maggie Lawson & James Roday

Psych’s 100th episode, “100 Clues,” airs Wednesday, March 27th on USA Network.

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