Interview: Katey Sagal Talks Sons of Anarchy Season Six (Video)

Katey Sagal at Comic-Con 2013On Sunday, July 21st I was part of a group interview with Katey Sagal, who plays Gemma on FX’s Sons of Anarchy, at Comic-Con 2013 where she talked about her character and season six of the show. Sons of Anarchy season six will play Tuesdays on FX this fall starting September 10th, 2013. See what was covered and watch the video interview below.

Katey Sagal Interview Topics Covered

  • How far they are into shooting season six.
  • What she can tease about her character as the new season begins.
  • The differences between Clay and Nero for Gemma.
  • Difficulties of getting into this type of character.
  • How much prep she still does after playing Gemma for so long.
  • Gemma and Tara’s relationship.
  • If she will be singing during season six.
  • Her favorite TV shows right now.
  • Thoughts on some of the crazy things her character has had to do.
  • About Sons of Anarchy nearing its end.

Watch the Interview With Katey Sagal of FX’s Sons of Anarchy

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Are you excited for the return of Sons of Anarchy?

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