Interview: Kim Coates Talks Sons of Anarchy Season Six (Video)

Kim Coates at Comic-Con 2013On Sunday, July 21st I was part of a group interview with Kim Coates, who plays Tig on FX’s Sons of Anarchy, at Comic-Con 2013 where he talked about his character and season six of the show. Sons of Anarchy season six will play Tuesdays on FX this fall starting September 10th, 2013. See what was covered and watch the video interview below.

Kim Coates Interview Topics Covered

  • A little hockey playoff talk.
  • How he prepared for the scenes of Tig dealing with the death of his daughter in season five.
  • How Tig will be different in season six.
  • His acting process.
  • Tig and the dog.
  • Some of the crazy stuff he’s had to do in Sons of Anarchy.
  • What he watches on TV.
  • Thoughts on the series coming to an end.
  • Tig’s relationship with Jax and the club in season six.
  • What other sports he likes.
  • His daughter’s OneHeartSource charity.

Watch the Interview With Kim Coates of FX’s Sons of Anarchy

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Are you excited for the return of Sons of Anarchy?

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