Fall TV 2013: Monday – What’s Worth Watching?

Get Castle Episodes via Amazon Instant VideoWhile there are three shows starting tonight, the Fall 2013 TV season really gets underway next week starting on Monday, September 23rd. So, it’s once again time to take a night-by-night look at the Fall TV 2013 Schedule with what what’s worth watching on Mondays.

What’s Worth Watching on Mondays – Fall TV 2013

Network First Hour Second Hour Third Hour
ABC Dancing With the Stars (9.16) Castle (9.23)
CBS How I Met Your Mother (9.23) We Are Men (9.30) 2 Broke Girls (9.23) Mom (9.23) Hostages (9.23)
The CW Hart of Dixie (10.07) Beauty and the Beast (10.07)  
FOX Bones (9.16)
Almost Human (11.04)
Sleepy Hollow (9.16)  
NBC The Voice (9.23) The Blacklist (9.23)
Cable First Hour Second Hour Third Hour
TNT   Major Crimes (11.25)  
 Key: Prime Picks (Watch) Solid Selections (DVR) Other Options (DVR2) Other Options (OnDemand) TBD New Show (Premieres)

The grid is color-coded for Prime Picks, Solid Selections, and Other Options. Just like how the daily Tonight on the Tube posts are organized. It’s best, second best and the rest that is still worth watching. Basically, if it has a color, I plan on watching it. So, I’m looking at potentially eight hours of TV on Mondays. But, since I watch most stuff either via DVR or OnDemand, it’s actually closer to six hours.

A Few Notes on Monday Nights

  • Castle would be my top overall pick on the night.
  • The Blacklist isn’t just my favorite new show on Mondays, but one of my favorite new shows of the fall. I really like the overarching story elements they setup on top of the takedown of the week procedural nature of the show. Much like what Elementary built into last season.
  • Hostages gets off to a really good start and could be an interesting and entertaining 15-week thriller, but the idea that there could be a second season gives me some reservations.
  • Mom is okay, but I need a few more episodes to see where it’s going to go. Allison Janney (The West Wing) and Anna Faris (Scary Movie) are both really good comic actresses and I like them both, so that will keep me with the show for a little while.
  • Sleepy Hollow is the one show I just didn’t know what to make of after having watched it. With every other new fall show, I either liked it or didn’t to some level. This one left me right in the middle, as I didn’t like it or not like it. Maybe if it decides whether it wants to be a campy romp or a serious drama or figures out how to balance the two much better, I’ll be able to decide.
  • We Are Men has a really good cast playing characters I don’t really want to spend time with.

For more on the Fall 2013 TV Season check out the Ultimate Guide to the Fall TV Schedule 2013, listen to my Fall TV Previews over at TVtimesThree.com or find out more about downloading the Printable Fall 2013 TV Schedules.

What shows will you be watching on Mondays for Fall 2013?

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    A 6-tuner TiVo really simplifies the color scheme for my grids! ;)

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