Fall TV 2013: Wednesday – What’s Worth Watching?

Get Arrow Episodes via Amazon Instant VideoWe’ve covered Mondays and Tuesdays, so now on to Wednesdays in this night-by-night look at what is worth watching for the Fall 2013 TV season. There are a lot less scripted offerings worth watching on Wednesdays, as opposed to the previous two nights we’ve covered.

What’s Worth Watching on Wednesdays – Fall TV 2013

Network First Hour Second Hour Third Hour
ABC The Middle (9.25) Back in the Game (9.25) Modern Family (9.25) Super Fun Night (10.02) Nashville (9.25)
CBS Survivor (9.18) Criminal Minds (9.25) CSI (9.25)
The CW Arrow (10.09) The Tomorrow People (10.09)  
FOX The X Factor (9.11)  
NBC Revolution (9.25) Law & Order: SVU (9.25) Ironside (9.25)
Cable First Hour Second Hour Third Hour
Comedy Central     South Park (9.25) Key & Peele (9.18)
FX     American Horror Story: Coven (10.09)
FXX     It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia (9.04) The League (9.04)
Key: Prime Picks (Watch) Solid Selections (DVR) Other Options (DVR2) Other Options (OnDemand) New Show (Premieres) TBD

The grid is color-coded for Prime Picks, Solid Selections, and Other Options. Just like how the daily Tonight on the Tube posts are organized. It’s best, second best and the rest that is still worth watching. Basically, if it has a color, I plan on watching it. So, I’m looking at potentially six hours of TV on Wednesdays. But, since I watch most stuff either via DVR or OnDemand, it’s actually closer to four and a half hours.

A Few Notes on Wednesday Nights

  • Arrow is my favorite show on the night and I am very much looking forward to seeing how the show develops in its second season, especially since they have decided to add superpowers with the introduction of The Flash for a potential spinoff series.
  • Back in the Game has potential. I like the cast, but it’s got some problems surrounding the little league side of the story. Will give it a few more episodes to see where it goes and see if it grows into a solid family comedy.
  • Ironside is okay. If you like procedurals then you may like it, but there isn’t anything special here. We’ve got a group of cops that do things their own way to get the job done and their leader is in a wheelchair. Unlike NBC’s other new procedural type offering, the very good The Blacklist, there weren’t any continuing story elements that made me want to following these characters from week to week.
  • Revolution had a very rough first season. It got better in its second half, but then started to go off the rails with power, power everywhere. I’ve seen the first two episodes of season two and the show returns with a much darker tone, which is interesting considering its much earlier timeslot. The power is gone, but there are strange things happening, so could be interesting and worth giving another shot if you gave up on it last season. The thing giving me hope is that in an interview at Comic-Con with creator Eric Kripke that I was a part of, he admitted that there was too much electricity and flying around etc. by the end of season one and that they’ve done away with that for season two and it isn’t coming back.
  • Super Fun Night has a story that does take place mostly at night, but that is about the only thing the title got right. Maybe they’ve fixed some things from the version of the “Pilot” I’ve season, but from what I’ve heard about it, they are pretty much only cosmetic. What I saw was a mess that didn’t leave me wanting to spend any future time with these characters. There wasn’t even anything to hang my hat on to even get me even a little bit interested in watching another episode.
  • The Tomorrow People is very good and ends in such a way that I am really looking forward to seeing more. Got to like a show that switches things up on your expectations for how a show like this usually works. Also, pairing it up with Arrow makes for The CW’s strongest night of programming.

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What shows will you be watching on Wednesdays for Fall 2013?

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