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Get Elementary Episodes via Amazon Instant VideoTonight, NBC has the series premiere of The Slap.

Over on cable, BBC America has the series finale of Kitchen Nightmares, Bravo has an Inside the Actors Studio: Neil Patrick Harris special, Cooking Channel has the second season finale of Donut Showdown, Lifetime has the fourth season finale of Project Runway All Stars, and Sundance has the first season finale of Babylon.

Listen to the latest TV times Three Podcast: Ep.261, “The Allegiance Scandal Blacklist Dead.” On this episode I am joined by Amrie of @mytakeontv and @troyheinritz of @theblacklistgsm to talk about the series premiere of Allegiance, the fifth midseason premiere of The Walking Dead, and recent episodes of The 100, The Blacklist and Scandal. Lastly, a brief reality check and some TV recommendations.

Prime Picks

The Big Bang Theory (CBS): Repeat. “The Septum Deviation” replays. Runs 31 minutes.
Mom (CBS): New. Christy gets a promotion to manager, but finds that it comes with a whole new set of problems. Runs 30 minutes.

The Blacklist (NBC): New. After a CIA agent is abducted, the team goes after the person that does these sorts of jobs.

Elementary (CBS): New. Watson is brought in contact with the crime boss she helped put away. Holmes works with Det. Bell on a zoo robbery case.

Solid Selections

The Vampire Diaries (The CW): New. Jeremy prepares to leave Mystic Falls. Stefan and Caroline get closer. Sheriff Forbes asks Damon to help her solve the death of Elena’s parents before she dies.

Scandal (ABC): New. Olivia attempts to outwit her captors. Jake, Huck and Quinn go to someone for help.

Babylon (Sundance): Series Finale. The footage of Banjo goes viral. Civil unrest continues to grow as the police drop back. Charles and Franklin go up against each other for the Commissioner’s position. Plays again later.

Other Options

  • Allegiance (NBC): New. Katya finds a story that fits what Alex is talking about, but it causes problems inside the family. Alex begins working with an FBI agent.
  • Episodes (SHO2): Repeat. This past Sunday night’s episode, “Episode 405,” replays. Runs 30 minutes. Plays again later on Showtime.
  • Fortitude (Pivot): New. “Episode 4” plays. Plays again later. Last week’s two hour series premiere replays right before. Find out where to find Pivot. Plays again later.
  • Grey’s Anatomy (ABC): New. April and Jackson have a really tough decision to make. Amelia takes a new approach with Stephanie.
  • How to Get Away With Murder (ABC): New. Annalise and the students deal with some new news on the case.
  • The Slap (NBC): Series Premiere. Things boiling under the surface of a group of family and friends spin out of control after an inciting incident at a birthday party. The first episode is told from the perspective of Hector, who is having his 40th birthday party. Subsequent episodes will be told from a different character’s perspective in each episode. The cast is absolutely fantastic. Unfortunately, some of what they are being asked to do isn’t so great. This is an interesting show with a stupid name where every character is an extreme version of some archetype. Also, while you shouldn’t be slapping other people’s children, there won’t be anybody watching this that doesn’t believe the something should happen to the kid, but the parents are just terrible and are raising a holy terror. Each of the parents are extreme versions of the artsy granola crowd. The slapper has anger issues. The most annoying this about the series is the voice-over, which too tidily tells you what the situation is in flowery language that feels weird given the rest of the show. Even with these problems, I found it curious and will continue to watch past the first two episodes that I’ve seen. Mostly, because I am interested in how they will tell an ongoing story with each episode mostly following around a different character for the eight episodes. Will you be checking this one out tonight?
  • Togetherness (HBO2): Repeat. This past Sunday night’s episode, “Houston We Have a Problem,” replays. Runs 30 minutes.

Sports Notes

  • CBS Sports has doubleheader college basketball action tonight with American at Lehigh and Tennessee Martin at Southeast Missouri State.
  • ESPN has doubleheader college basketball action tonight with Mississippi at Florida and Michigan at Illinois.
  • ESPN2 has doubleheader college basketball action tonight with Tulsa at UConn and St. Mary’s California at BYU.
  • ESPNU has tripleheader college basketball action tonight with Purdue at Rutgers, SMU at Houston and Santa Clara at San Francisco.
  • FS1 has college basketball action tonight with California at Colorado.
  • TNT has an NBA game tonight.

Thursday TV Marathons

Blue Bloods (ION): Has 18 episodes.
Girlfriends (TV One): Has 12 episodes early.
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (USA Network): Has 14 episodes.

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