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What is theTVaholic Previews? Well, it is a short 5-10 minute podcast that will preview new shows. Right now we are just getting things underway and testing things out. Dipping our toes in the podcasting waters here at, if you will. This first episode is a bit rough, but will explain what the purpose of the podcast is, my philosophy on using critics/reviews and the overall format of the show.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll produce a couple of actual episodes to see how long it takes to produce and to get feedback from you. If you find them useful, then we’ll continue on with a few more over the summer and probably make some changes along the way. Then we’ll make the deep dive into the fall TV season. That is also when final podcast artwork will be created and we’ll start submitting it to various podcasting databases, like iTunes, and you’ll be able to subscribe etc.

The basic idea is to give you an overview of a new show. What it is about, who is in it, who is behind it, etc. Then give a spoiler free mini review of the show with what I liked and/or didn’t like about it and then an overall thought on whether it is worth your time, skipping altogether or somewhere in-between.

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Hope you enjoy the new podcast. Please let me know what you think in the comments below or hit me up on Twitter @theTVaholic. Would you find this type of podcast useful for planning your future TV watching?

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