Should You Get Infected by The CW’s Containment?

Chris Wood talks The Shanarra Chronicles at Comic-Con 2015

Chris Wood talks about Containment at Comic-Con 2015 – (CR: Jason Griffin/TVaholic)

On this episode we preview The CW’s new drama series Containment. It stars David Gyasi (White Heat miniseries), Christina Moses (Starship: Rising movie), Chris Wood (The Vampire Diaries), Kristen Gutoskie (Beaver Falls), Claudia Black (Farscape), George Young (Grace miniseries), Hanna Mangan Lawrence (Spartacus: War of the Damned) and Trevor St. John (One Life to Live).

Containment is based on the Belgian series Cordon. This version tells the tale of a mysterious and deadly virus outbreak that ends up requiring a large area of Atlanta to be quickly quarantined. Those on the inside are left to fend for themselves and stay safe, while local and federal officials attempt to figure out what is going on and hopefully find a cure. This also separates families and loved ones with some on the inside and others out.

I’ve seen the first four episodes of this 13-episode limited series that if successful could continue on in subsequent seasons. Each episode left me wanting to watch the next one and I am looking forward to continuing on with the series. The cast is solid, even if I didn’t recognize anyone but Wood, and is doing good work here. The show puts a group of mostly interesting characters in a terrible situation and we see how they react. It is sort of like The Walking Dead in that way. Except, here we are interested in where the virus came from and trying to stop it. It’s definitely worth checking out, if you like these types of shows. A character drama wrapped in a horror/mystery/thriller.

Watch the Trailer for Containment

Will you be checking out The CW’s Containment when it premieres on Tuesday, April 19th following The Flash?

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  • Carl Apr 19, 2016, 9:51 am

    I love these types of shows and am looking forward to it even more after your positive reviews…

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