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TVaholic is about TV or more appropriately, what is happening on TV and what the TVaholic thinks about it. Whether you will agree or not is a matter of taste. This is the TVaholic’s place to talk about one of his favorite things, TV, actually TV shows and all that surround them, the good, the bad and the ugly of what is on the tube. Hopefully, this will be a place where others can come and express their thoughts on TV as well.

Things you will find on TVaholic:

  • Tonight on the Tube – A daily digest of what is worth watching each night on the tube. Plus, the latest news about your favorite TV shows, listing of TV show marathons and more.
  • Listing of new TV shows on DVD released each Tuesday.
  • Reviews of TV shows.
  • Reviews of TV show DVD sets.
  • Reviews of other TV related stuff or things that will make TV better or more convenient.
  • Commentaries, musings and ramblings about Television and TV related topics.
  • Anything else we encounter along this journey across the TVscape.
  • Complete TVaholic.com Archive.

Some thoughts on the use of TV critics or critics in general, you tend to seek out like minds to help you find your way. So, if you find that our tastes regarding TV are comparable, then this place will be particularly helpful in navigating the TV waters. On the flipside, if you consistently think my picks suck, then you can use this site as your, what not to watch site. Either way, we both benefit and the discussions could be quite enlightening and fun. This is how the TVaholic has always used TV or movie critics.

The goal here is to be humorous and amusing while being useful and informative.

Contact us and let us know how you think we are doing.

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Last Updated: 03-19-2021