TVaholic Last Minute Christmas Gift Guide

December 24, 2006

So you have been running around this holiday season looking for the perfect gift for that special someone. You know they really like watching TV and even know what some of their favorite shows are but didn’t come up with anything good while out trudging through the malls. Well you are in luck. Here are […]

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Western Washington Winter Windstorm ’06

December 16, 2006

After 466 straight days of Tonight on the Tube posts the streak comes to an end. I live up here in the Great Northwest where we just had one of the worst windstorms the area has seen since Inauguration Day, 1993. Seattle is the Emerald City in the Evergreen State because of all the greenery […]

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Happy Birthday TVaholic

August 28, 2006

It was a year ago today that I posted the first post here at TVaholic. I really can’t believe it has been a whole year. A lot of TV shows have been watched and posts written since then. It started out with a few ramblings about the end of the summer TV season and thoughts […]

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TVaholic Enters the Blogosphere

August 28, 2005

This is my first official post at my new site TVaholic.com. I have been watching TV for as long as I can remember. As I type this, the TV is on in the background. I am presently learning about the Secret Life Of … Sugar. For more on what you will find posted here read […]

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