Tonight on the Tube

It is Medium Madness on NBC along with repeats pretty much everywhere else except Fox and The WB tonight. Don’t worry Surface fans a new episode will be back next week. What TV shows interests you tonight? Prime Picks The King of Queens (CBS): Tonight in this repeat episode we find Carrie trying to convince [...]

Repeats and commercially interrupted movies are on tap tonight. Here are some ideas for your viewing pleasure. This is a good night for watching shows that you recorded earlier in the week that you haven’t got around to seeing yet. Saturday night TV is a good reason to record a few shows during the week [...]

The only shows that are really worth watching are repeats tonight but here are some suggestions for your TV viewing pleasure. What are you going to watch tonight? Prime Picks Tom Brokaw Reports (NBC): See what Tom Brokaw found out about Evangelical Christians in regards to culture, the economy and of course politics as he [...]