Tonight on the Tube

Many TV show repeats tonight along with animated Christmas specials, one old and one new. What will you be watching? Prime Picks The Happy Elf (NBC): A new animated Holiday cartoon for us to hopefully enjoy. It gets the prime pick tonight for that reason. Killer Instinct (Fox): This is the last episode of this [...]

Tonight on the Tube: OC and ER

Mostly repeats tonight. Weird that on Thanksgiving most everything was new and the next week most everything isn’t. Seems like it is usually the other way around. The Prime Picks tonight are all new episodes including a show that has been canceled. Prime Picks The O.C. (Fox): Everybody is trying to figure out their game [...]

A couple of Christmas holiday traditions tonight are followed by a wealth of TV show goodness. What will you be watching on TV tonight? Prime Picks Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer (CBS): The title is pretty self-explanatory. It is the holiday classic animated tale. It has been re-mastered to look and sound better than ever. Lost [...]

Threshold was given one Tuesday night after the switch with Close to Home before it was canceled. I don’t get network execs and how they make their decisions. I kept looking for Threshold on Tuesday after the first episode of Close to Home aired on Saturday and after a couple of weeks when it was [...]