Tonight on the Tube

Once again there is really nothing all that special to watch in the first hour of primetime tonight. Which is followed by too much good stuff in the next hour. It is famine before feast on Wednesday night. Prime Picks Still Standing (CBS): Bill and Judy try to get the attention of some new friends [...]

The 2005 American Music Awards are on tonight so no President Mac or James Spader. Also Threshold starts its run on Tuesday’s. What will you be watching tonight on TV? Prime Picks Bones (Fox): One of those race the clock episodes where a man’s life hangs in the balance as he is set to be [...]

Tonight’s picks, selections, options and choices for your viewing pleasure. Prime Picks Surface (NBC): Episode 9. Laura and Rich see that the creatures are laying eggs on the bottom of the ocean. That can’t be good. Will they be able to get back to the surface? Prison Break (Fox): Someone has got to be sacrificed [...]