Prime 7

Prime 7: Shows That Should Be Saved

The TV season is coming to an end in the next few weeks. The networks will soon be announcing their schedules for next season. Many shows are on the bubble as far as coming back for another year. So, what shows should be given another year and hopefully many more? Here is the TVaholic wish [...]

Prime 7: Super Bowl XL Commercials

Turns out as a Seahawks fan that the best thing about the Super Bowl was once again the commercials. Usually I have no dog in the hunt and watch mainly for the spectacle of the event and a few hopefully funny commercials. I have read that people thought this year was weak commercial wise. To [...]

Prime 7: Half Hour Comedy TV Shows

There were 32 returning half hour comedies from last season and 10 new ones that made their debut this TV season. TVaholic ranked these two categories of shows earlier this year. Now it is time to put them together but not all 42 of them in one long list. Just the top 7 half hour [...]

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