Well there was no bottom three tonight on American Idol. Ryan put the six into three groups of two. One of the groups being the highest two vote getters another was the middle two and the third was the bottom two. The top two being Katharine and Chris and the middle two being Elliott and [...]

Tonight we heard the Idol hopefuls sing love songs. Andrea Bocelli and producer David Foster helped them this week. Mr. Foster pulled no punches and told them exactly what he thought and tried to point them in the right direction. This included getting Chris to sing while lying down so he could see what it [...]

Season Five of American Idol has been a heck of a rollercoaster ride. No one is safe, no matter how good you perform each week; you can end up in the bottom three. I had thought Elliott, Kellie and Ace would end up down there with Ace most likely going home. Well Ace “False” Young [...]

I thought they were going to be singing the songs of Rod Stewart. They were in a way but not exactly. The Top 7 sang the standards, the classics. The songs Rod Stewart has been singing as of late with his The Great American Songbook series of records. These were the songs the American Idol [...]

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