What a sad sight to see on TV. Nothing but repeats and commercially interrupted movies. Prime Picks Law & Order: Criminal Intent (NBC): Repeat of the two hour special episode with all four of the major case squad detectives from Sunday two weeks ago. Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (NBC): Repeat of the episode […]

Fridays are not the best for TV watching. Not much to choose from. Here are some ideas for your viewing pleasure or that will at least keep you occupied until the nightly local news comes on and you can find out what their guess is for your Saturday weather is. Prime Picks What I Like […]

Thursday’s are just jam-packed with quality TV goodness. Once again the recording devices will be getting a workout. What will you be watching tonight? Prime Picks Smallville (WB): The shows have been fantastic this season. This episode looks to continue in that vain with Clark trusting Professor Fine to help out his mother Martha. CSI: […]