Thursday’s are just jam-packed with quality TV goodness. Once again the recording devices will be getting a workout. What will you be watching tonight? Prime Picks Smallville (WB): The shows have been fantastic this season. This episode looks to continue in that vain with Clark trusting Professor Fine to help out his mother Martha. CSI: […]

Looking at the Wednesday night schedule and the competition in the first hour of primetime, this is where Fox should put Arrested Development. There is nothing else that is very good on, so the best comedy on TV would get watched by default. Wouldn’t it? Then all the new viewers would all say, why have […]

Plenty of good TV shows worth a watchin tonight. Prime Picks Bones (Fox): Mummies, drugs and hip-hop clubbing tonight. This show is fun to watch. House (Fox): House doesn’t want to treat a cyclist because he thinks he is taking performance-enhancing drugs. I believe this is Sela Ward’s last episode. Boston Legal (ABC): Allen’s night […]