The CW will launch this fall and is the combination of The WB and UPN. This leaves us with five broadcast networks competing for our time each night. FOX also puts out their Fall 2006 TV lineup today. CBS announced yesterday and ABC and NBC were earlier in the week. First off let me say […]

Today was the day that both FOX and The CW let us know what they think we want to watch. We shall see. FOX has been very hit or miss. Actually they produce what should be a hit, then move it, postpone it and then cancel it leaving us to miss it. ABC, CBS and […]

If those vote totals are true then it’s hard to see who will become the Season Five Idol. It looks like the question of the moment is for whom are the Yaminians most likely to vote for next week. Sure the performances need to be there to get them motivated to vote but whom do […]