TV Premiere Dates Calendar

See upcoming premiere dates by date, month or week. You’ll find premiere dates for the networks and many of the major cable offerings, plus some TV movies and specials.

Do you use Google Calendar? Well, you can add’s TV Premiere Dates Calendar to yours by clicking the “+GoogleCalendar” button at the bottom of the calendar box. Also, you can add individual shows by clicking on the show title and then clicking “copy to my calendar.” Then you can see when shows start from anywhere you can access your Google Calendar. Note: The times only work for ET/PT when you use the corresponding calendar listed below.

Other Ways To See When Shows Premiere

Why Two Calendars? Well, when the calendars above are viewed on this page the times are correct for the ET/PT zones and can be easily mentally adjusted by an hour for network shows in the CT/MT zones. Yet, when you add the calendar to your Google Calendar, it adjusts the times for your time zone. So, if you are in the ET zone and add the PT calendar to your Google Calendar, then a show listed at 8pm will be listed as 11pm in your calendar, which is less than ideal. So, I created a second calendar for those in the ET zone. Note: If in the CT zone, you can use the ET calendar and the times for network shows should adjust correctly in your time zone, but cable shows will be an hour off. Turns out there is a major flaw in Google Calendar regarding time zones and individual events that I didn’t know about before setting up the initial calendar.