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What’s the CW Fall 2009 TV Schedule?

The CW announced their Fall 2009 Primetime TV Schedule today. They are bringing three new shows to the party for fall. Things can always change after we actually get to see these new shows in full, but as of now, there isn’t anything new coming that interests me more than if they’d brought back Privileged. [...]

CBS announced their Fall 2009 TV schedule today. It is pretty well what you’d expect, since they didn’t have a lot of holes to fill. The new fall schedule consists of four new shows, one rescued from another network, and a couple others that changed time periods. Take a look and let me know what [...]

NBC has announced their new Fall 2009 TV Schedule and what changes in Midseason 2010. They look to be going with a year-round programming schedule, which means more shows, but less episodes. I’m just glad they decided to bring back Chuck. ABC announced their schedule earlier today and FOX yesterday. So, that’s three down and [...]

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