I'm part of the "We" this week. RT @tvismypacifier: NEW: If We Controlled Your Remote… 6/5/11 #TeenWolf #TheGlades # Nicely done! RT @elgray: @televisionary In S.2, he and dead ex open clinic together — she sees the patients who didn't make it. #AGiftedMan # New @TVtimesThree #Podcast Ep.101: Summer TV Preview 2011 – [...]

RT @seat42f: Buddy is a HUGE Lakers & Fringe fan just texted me "over there Lakers made a deal at the trade deadline and are still playing." # Recording Ep.98 of the @TVtimesThree podcast with @popculturezoo and @kyool. # I think we did, but the ep was noticeably devoid of singing. RT @mytakeontv: @theTVaholic @tvtimesthree [...]

I earned the Movie Buff(50) sticker on @GetGlue! # Have you entered our @USA_LawOrderCI Prize Pack Giveaway? (DVDs, T-Shirt, etc.) #LawAndOrderCI #LOCI # Have you entered our @InPlainSightUSA Prize Pack Giveaway? (DVDs, Rumba Watch, etc.) #InPlainSight # New @TVtimesThree Podcast Ep.97: The Extreme Supernatural Recreation Community Doctor #

Have seen a dog that looked like a Muppet and a woman that looked like actress Marcia Gay Harden today, but wasn't able to get any pictures. # RT @sepinwall: It looks like every cable system posted the 8th ep of FNL instead of the 2nd, which means it was a mistake at the source. [...]

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