Just watched tomorrow night's soaptastcially shipperific episode of #Castle "One Life to Lose." # Recording Ep.92 of the @TVtimesThree podcast with @raelee & @mytakeontv. # RT @EWDaltonRoss: Watching DWTS & praying that William Zabka will jump out of nowhere & sweep Ralph Macchio's leg during rumba. Cobra Kai! # RT @TVMoJoe: Kelley explains why he [...]

RT @TedOnTV: Yes that is Dule Hill on Twitter – was waiting til Mon to confirm but he did it already. Welcome Dule! RT @DuleHill: yes :-) # Cool! RT @tomwilson23: RT @Simplytv: Being Human Series 4 Commissioned # Jealous! RT @Clairetastic: Because I want to be just like @snoodit (@ In-N-Out Burger) [...]

Too funny. RT @yvettenbrown: THIS! RT @danharmon This pretty much made my day # RT @lostremote: Lots of Twitter teases appearing on TV these days, and there's evidence they're working: # RT @popculturezoo: New at PCZ: ECCC2011: [VIDEO] The James Marsters Panel @emeraldcitycon #JamesMarsters #ECCC # RT @anthonyocasio: Contest: Win 'The Walking [...]

Made my Oscar picks for The 83rd Annual Academy Awards over @NewMovieFriday – #Oscars #AcademyAwards # Now, I'm going to watch this Tuesday's #TheGoodWife "Great Firewall," while I wait for the Oscars broadcast to begin. # Actually watching the #Oscars but any Tweets will be over @NewMovieFriday. # RT @TVDoneWright: Do they want to [...]

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