I just got a $5 credit for movies and TV shows @amazonvideo. Click to get yours. #get5 # Time to watch #DoctorWho A Christmas Carol. # Just finished watching #BeingHumanUK S.1. Great stuff. Ep.6 was outstanding. Looking forward to starting in on S.2. # Time to bust out the big bag of @RedVines I [...]

@stayingin I thought Gilford's character in #OfftheMap is more like O'Malley meets Karev than Sloane meets Karev. # RT @meltreger: Did you miss the Friendly Indians acoustic show? You can watch it here: # @stayingin Yes, but he wasn't as sure of himself as Sloane either. Hopefully after a few eps we'll seem him [...]

Totally! RT @jopinionated: Anna Torv is having one hell of a season. An Emmy nod should be in her near future. #Fringe # @drwinn RT @neilgrayston: Can you get just one heebie-jeeby? # Literally laughed out loud & am now wondering myself. RT @neilgrayston: Can you get just one heebie-jeeby? # @ShowPatrol I had much [...]

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