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Prison Break - Season OneShow: Prison Break (FOX)
Episode: Pilot; Allen – (Season 1)
Originally Aired: Monday, August 29th 2005
Rating: 3 out of 4 Stars
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Quick Synopsis: Guy is about to be executed for killing the Vice-President’s brother, which he didn’t commit. Brother of guy on death row hatches plan to help him escape by getting put in jail himself.

Long Synopsis: Lincoln Burrows has been railroaded for killing the Vice-President’s brother. He is to be put to death. No more appeals. Time is running out. There is a conspiracy behind this that includes some secret service agents and a mysterious lady in Montana. Lincoln’s brother has put together an elaborate plan to break his brother out, which includes getting put in the same jail as his brother. He has to try to make alliances with many of the inmates in the prison to execute this plan. He is smart but still not ready for the harsh realities of prison life. Each episode goes about unfolding the plan little by little and letting you in on the conspiracy little by little. The cast is quite large giving you many things to keep up with.

Review: I think this is a pretty good show. The plot is somewhat over-the-top but the acting and storytelling keep you involved and wanting to know more. That is the mark of a good show. No matter how unbelievable the plot may be, if it is told in the right way, the viewer is able to suspend disbelief and enjoy the show. This is so far the case with Prison Break. I would recommend the show based on the first two episodes that aired back to back. Which is a good thing, cause the pilot left you with almost too many questions that you might not of been willing to wait until next week to be answered. Yet when you got some more information, in the second episode, about what was going on and the conspiracy behind it you felt invested enough to want to continue on this fanciful journey. It will at least fill the void until 24 starts up again in January.

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