Summer TV Season is over except for Wanted

Well at least for me it is. The final episode of The Closer was on last night. The big 70-minute episode they had been advertising all week. Not exactly, the show ended at 1 minute past the hour and the next show a repeat of Wanted started at 5 minutes past the hour. From opening to closing credits was only 65 minutes. I think that they could have squeezed this show into an actual hour or given us an actual 10 minutes longer of a show.

After watching The Closer, I watched the third episode of Prison Break on tape. I like this show. I think it has potential and as of now it is on my Monday night lineup of things to watch.

More of the Fall TV season starts this Thursday with the return of The OC and the debut of the new show Reunion. Reunion is another of the shows that I have been waiting for. I like high concept shows like 24 and the aforementioned Prison Break. Concept isn’t everything though. The story and the acting need to be good also. Shows like 24 seem to hit on all three, acting, story, and high concept, very well.

Reunion is set to tell the story of six friends over a 20-year period, a year at a time. All with love triangles and a murder thrown in. This is high concept indeed. The cast looks pretty good from the little I have seen of the show. They at least look like they can somewhat convincingly age from 18 to 38 over the course of the show.

These are just a few ramblings of a TVaholic while he finishes the setup of this site.

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